Deeper into BK “Paradise.”

If the last article about numberwise/capacity was fully understood, then the “goal” of Brahma Kumaris, to take a soul to Paradise through Raja Yoga, is pretty much unnecessary.

Because every soul will experience their “Paradise” the “first time” the soul arrives into the physical world, and that soul’s “hell” will be the last incarnation before the cycle “starts again.”

“But that is not the “real Paradise,” the “Golden age.” That soul is missing so much!”

That is an interpretation based on the way our minds are conditioned to understand through comparison.
First, in a predestined Drama there is no such a thing as “missing something.” The label of the first quarter of the cycle of time as “Paradise” is just that, a label. The EXPERIENCE which is what matters for a soul, not a religion; is what is important for the soul.
Second, the “real Paradise” is not a place. It is a state of consciousness. The “highest” consciousness of a role of a particular soul. Until we don’t understand this fully, we will be yearning for some future which when it arrives, we will not be conscious of living in it.
Third, as mentioned before; the soul is empty of content. So there is not “ME.” It is merely a role playing which gives content, “Me.” That “Me” will change in another role.

If the cycle of time was like a 24-hour day, would someone say that Peter is missing 8 hours of the day because he is sleeping? Or what about if that one was Paul and he needed 5 hours of sleep? Could we say that Paul is “better” (more elevated) than Peter?

That is infantile. Peter is not missing anything as sleep is an important aspect of Life and very enjoyable, I may add.
The issue is when we label something. Because Brahma Baba used to sleep 1 to 2 hours in a day; that does not mean that he is better, more elevated, etc. than someone who sleeps more hours. That is a childish comparison from a mind caught up in comparisons. Humans are supposed to be different, due to different experiences, thus; to believe that because someone sleeps less, eats less, breathes less, enjoys less, have less sex, speaks less, thinks less, etc. he is “better,” “more spiritual” than someone else, is truly a childish comparison.

Consciousness is not related with any particular physical activity. Someone with a “higher” consciousness (the word is not “higher,” but I am using it to be understood) may eat little or speak little, but that is not something that he has DONE to BE like that. It has happened to him naturally.
That is the difference with religions for the masses: They are concerned that everyone should DO the same, when that is artificial.
Nevertheless, that DOING something “special” that not everyone is willing to DO, is a source of ego.
“I only sleep 2 hours in a day” (meaning: See how elevated I am, just like Mama!)
That practice may be labeled with a nice label, such as “effort,” when in reality is hurting the quality of Life of that one, nevertheless; his ego may be in “Paradise.”

For the common good.