Observe the cycle of time

Yes, you had the experience with Brahma Baba, a being of light. You had visions of Paradise… That is a gift! That gift came with some human gift wrapping, some interpretations of the cycle of time which you took as the “truth.”
There is a difference between your “spiritual experiences” and the dogmatic belief. Experiences were yours, the other was learned and accepted deep inside as “true.”

Observe the cycle of time. It is a circle. Every event of that circle leads automatically to another.
Can we divide the circle in parts?
No! That is artificial. Reality is a continuous. Events in that circle change perspective depending on your point of reference.
Why label some events as “good” or “bad” if they are all necessary for further change?
Why call a certain region of that circle as “heaven” to “like it better” than the rest?
That is an artificial gimmick catered to people living on the mind.

Observe your consciousness, your understanding beyond the mind. Did you do it? No! It happened to you.
“You” cannot separate from everything else. “You” are part of the movie, thus; change in “yourself” does not depend solely in your “efforts.” There is way more than “you.” All of that is happening without your awareness, all interlaced with what you call “I.”

Did you know that the Drama, Life, the “big” movie… has been already done?
Yes? Then, how can you think that “you” are going to change it.
“Your” DOING, your little efforts are not able to change your consciousness, for consciousness is part of the Drama, Life. “You” are an agent, a form manifesting, expressing a particular part.

“Soul consciousness” does not depend on “you.” There is nothing “you” could DO to get it. It happens when it is time and that does not depend on “you.”

As long as there is an “I” striving to become something such as “soul conscious,” “pure,” “an angel,” “a deity,” etc. Nothing could happen for the “I” is in the way.
I know that “you” want to DO something. I know that “you” want to be “better,” to leave a legacy in Life, to be an example for others, etc.

Forget about it.
Let all of that striving to rest in peace. Merely BE acquainted with that static “I.” Recognize the beliefs, the ideals, the values, the conditioning and allow them to dilute themselves until “you” become a “nothing.” No longer an “I,” somebody; but “nothing.”

I know that this is not what you’ve been taught. “You” have been taught to be “someone,” to strive to become something “better” in the “future.”

As long as you are “someone” there will be lack of fulfillment, for fulfillment appears out of that nothingness, for there will not be a thing to reject. Life, the Drama, is good as it is. It will change without your “help.”
The Drama of Life shows us that what have been determined already, will happen.
Therefore, allow yourself to be in tune with what will happen.
You don’t know what will happen?
You don’t need to. Just let it happen. 🙂

For the common good.