Looking at the “Confluence age.”

When does the “Confluence age” truly starts?
It started at the beginning of the cycle. Every age as stated by Brahma Kumaris knowledge, had already a beginning… in the beginning, of course. It cannot be otherwise, for as we know causality is behind every event.

Likewise, causality is behind every human being. What we typically call “I.”
What is causality? What we call Karma.
What is karma?
The Drama of Life. Life itself as experienced by human beings.

The process is similar as a fruit growing in a tree. The fruit appears, then it will change colors until it perishes, but the tree will produce more fruits.
From a human perspective through utilitarian conditioning, we could say that when the fruit is “green” it is not ready. When the fruit is ripe is perfect. That is the highest state. It must be eaten before it is too late.

That human perspective is similar to the one coloring most of the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about being a BK and how the rest of the cycle fits the BK world.

Life itself is not like that. It is “benevolent” (Just to give it a label, although benevolent and non-benevolent is not what Life truly is) for all.

The “confluence age” started when Brahma Baba became Brahma. It will last 100 years. Sounds familiar?

That is an artifice. Artifices are used to produce a particular behavior in followers.
It is what parents use for their kids: “Eat your broccoli, or I will call the cookie monster.”
Artifices use the “future” to produce a desired behavior.

We know that the cycle of time is what it is: Eternal, repetitive, made to self-preserve the Universe. Every entity, every living being is part of this Totality whether they are conscious or not, whether they believe in their free will or not, whether they see themselves as separate from Life or not. Every manifestation of Life is necessary exactly as it is.

Yet, we are concerned about coming up with a “ true method for change.” We are even talking about “self-transformation.” That is not an “I” event. It doesn’t happen because “I” want it, but just like the fruit in the tree, it happens when we are ready through the process of Life. We cannot separate from Life.

Remember: The “goal” is not be ripe or ready. There are no goals. No incentives. We make our lives into anything we believe in. That is neither right nor wrong, it is just an experience, like many others.
What could you be worried about? An eternal being fusing about “achieving goals,” “making a difference,” etc. All ego driven dreams.
Nor good or bad, just experiences. Our perception now, will change tomorrow.

Every experience has its own taste. Taste it and move on. Enjoy that “now” for it will be a long time before it comes back again… but it is certain that it will.

For the common good.