Changing sanskaras

“In my experience, somehow I had developed deep faith in BK knowledge very soon and followed shrimat to the extent I could; I had even brought immense pressure on myself to change because I wanted to ‘change’ my sanskars.
In no time, I had developed a lot of disinterest in this world, but I was not faking it, any number of external situations/ tests had proved (to me) that I was a totally different person from what I was the previous year.

So, it was the teachings, and full faith in those teachings that had brought the changes in me. Knowledge and churning knowledge (which I used to do non stop while awake) had changed my sanskars.
Doing also brings in change.”  Regards, Gayathri.

Dear Gayathri,
Thank you for your well-developed comment.
What you are describing about your Life, is what I described about “yoga” yesterday, in the blog Exploring the Depth of Living.   I understand your perception, but consider this as well:

You wanted to change your “sanskaras.” You wanted to change the “I,” to become better.
You had developed “disinterest in the world.”
Why did you develop “disinterest in the world”?
Because that is what the Sakar Murlis talk about. The BK method is to develop “disinterest in the world.”
Have you ever wondered why?
This disinterest is sort of a rejection of what the world is. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need to practice “disinterest.”
A “test” happens in Life and I am conditioned to show disinterest. That I label as a “change.”
That is exactly what DOING does. “I” act as conditioned to do, according to what I have been taught, what I accept.

Disinterest is not the correct label.  I used to play with toys when I was a kid. Now I don’t. The label is not disinterest. Naturally, those toys don’t appeal to me. I am not “working on” disinterest.  That does not apply to the world, because we are part of it. Do you have “disinterest” for the world now?  🙂

What Avyakt7 NG shares, is that change is natural. Observe the way our consciousness was when we were children. It changes automatically into an adult, without striving to make any effort. You say it is the BK teachings, the mental “churning,” the cause of your change.
However, it was the experience of coming from a different perspective  (BK) from the majority, what has made some change. Knowledge is just theory.
For example: If you go to your relative’s house as a BK, and do not take any food from them when they invite you. Your mind has been conditioned to label their food as “impure.” Correct?
Is that disinterest?
The clash between relatives and you, create the “test.” In your mind you are a misunderstood victim. Your relatives do not understand what is “purity.” They are wrong. You are a right; a martyr being challenged by people who are not like you.
Observe the situation. The awareness of how egos can clash. The BK conditioning is only concerned in  the ideals of being “right,” “pure,“ “holy,” etc. thus; most will miss that opportunity to see themselves as they truly are.
This is an important point: We do not feel good about accepting ourselves as we are, for  we have been conditioned to think that we are sinful, degraded, impure… unlike so and so angel, deity, etc. Therefore, the goal is to become like them. Forget about who you ARE. Just become like them. Work towards the “ideal” and forget the reality of “you.”

“Sanskaras” are changing all the time by themselves. Life brings the situation, the sand-box for change.

There is a reason as to why the Sakar Murlis warned adherents not to leave the BK path, for whatever older sanskaras they had, they will come back even harder once they leave the BK world. Do you remember that Murli point?

Do you see why?
There has not been true change. It was only repression. Otherwise, if you had truly changed, then why those sanskaras should come back?
If you practiced celibacy, and you were celibate for many years; how is it possible for the sexual urge to come back? How is it possible to like someone of the opposite gender or find them attractive, if you know through knowledge that we are all body-less souls?
The answer is repression. That is a big unsaid word in the BK world. The environment there is carefully set up to avoid “tests.”

That is the path of yoga. That is a good path, however. Nevertheless, it is based on willpower, so those who did not have will power, could experience many changes in immediate behavior, as long as the environment is helpful. However, true change is not depending on will power to maintain the change.

DOING may bring change, but not the DOING of the ego.
The DOING of the ego has an ulterior motive (paradise, golden age, god, angel, etc.) and because of that, change cannot be natural, as BapDada has mentioned many times.

For the common good.