Unlimited disinterest

One of the main keywords in Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy/doctrine is “unlimited disinterest.”
The danger of translating words from Hindi into English is apparent, once the word “disinterest” is used.
Give that word to followers who are trained already by society to follow dictionary meanings, to use the mind to figure out living Life; that could mean gross misunderstanding.

The same happens when someone gives a list of “virtues.”
Every word is only known at the mental level, by using dictionary meanings. The follower then believes that it is possible to “work on” a virtue, as if this was something to attain, like a certificate or a job.

Let put this succinctly: There is no way to understand Life and the words pointing to a meaning, unless we uncondition ourselves from the understanding of society, which has been instilled on us already.

The dictionary meaning of disinterest is:
1. The state of not being influenced by personal involvement in something, impartiality.
2. Lack of interest in something.

Most followers will go with the second meaning, “lack of interest,” as they recognize the word “interest” fully through their own experience and not through a dictionary meaning.

How about if rather than “unlimited disinterest” the word is changed to “unlimited impartiality”?
Followers will “work at it” from a different perspective. Let me add, that “impartiality” is a lot closer to “what is” than lack of interest.

In Spirituality words are only small pointers. That is all they can ever be.

If your best friend passes away, would you “act” in “unlimited disinterest”? You will probably be labeled as insensitive.
If on the other hand, “impartiality” is shown that means that you acknowledge the event, you acknowledge the feelings of others and be part of it without being affected by it.
Nevertheless, to act as “It doesn’t affect me,” is not a matter of the mind. It is not a concept an idea to be followed.
It happens automatically when our emotions have been healed, when we understand emotionally that change is Life.

“Unlimited disinterest” is a label that could be easily misunderstood. However, when we are open to Life we will find the meaning not by asking others, or by looking for a written answer; but by observing our own behavior, our own feelings and emotions and how we are unable to accept that Life is change.

“Life is change” is even closer to the “true” meaning of “Unlimited disinterest.”

For the common good.