Brahma Kumaris as a path of self-discovery

Brahma Kumaris is an intense path for self-discovery. It will take the practitioner into a different perspective of “reality.”
The issue in that path, resides in the inability of most followers to realize that this path is another perspective to decondition from mainstream rather than the  only “reality.”

As followers look for the “truth,” the “right path,” according to mainstream thinking; they are unable to observe perspectives, conditionings and beliefs. Any deconditioning from our current society is meant so the practitioner can look at his old conditioned ways, as the word “truth,” is truly deceiving.

Life offers Life. Humans interpret Life based on their conditioning.
It is a fact that Brahma Kumaris knowledge involves a relation with entities beyond the physical world. Some followers are able to perceive those and to communicate with those.
When a label is chosen to name that experience, the label used is: “Godly.” In mainstream conditioning, that label is the “highest” that can exist.
In my experience there are many types of living beings, physical and non-physical, each one having a particular “role” to play in this unlimited “Drama,” which I like to call, LIFE.

Brahma Kumaris introduced me to the world of nonphysical beings. Nevertheless, in my experience; the use and identification of certain beings by using the “godly” label is an embellishment  of Brahma Kumaris, just as many religions do the same.  The “true” God is a matter of perspective, angle, point of reference: Consciousness. This is a general description rather than “the answer” for everyone walks a different path even if following a particular religious/spiritual path.

The hierarchy of “God,” “angels,” etc. is only a perception based on human conditioning. In that realm of subtle beings, the existence of hierarchies is a human idea but a necessary scheme to build the ego of the follower into something which he is already familiar, and which he is willing to “accomplish,” to become “better,” etc.

Let me state one more time, my appreciation for the Brahma Kumaris path, although; it could be a very harsh experience many times and for many followers.
The use of the mind as a tool to control our being, could be a great danger. A follower could be his own tyrant. Engrossed in the mind, a follower may be unable to feel Life.

That is why, these writings are here. For the common good.

I will be taking a vacation thus, my next article will be posted on Thursday December 1st. I’d like to thank and value the support and participation of some brothers and sisters in this website (Gayathri and Anil Kumar,) who contributed to this site by asking questions, sharing experiences or forwarding some of the articles here to others.
My appreciation to you.  🙂