Questions on Satyuga and the eternal cycle

Om shanti.. brother..
When does this world will transform into satyuga…what your perspective over many years remaining…??

Thank you for your question.
If I’d say “tomorrow,” would you believe me? Probably not. How about next month?
Maybe, maybe not. How about next year? Do you believe me?
Just to make sure that you will believe me, let me add 10 years to my answer.
No doubt in 11 years.
Now what? Are you going to “make effort”? Knowing that transformation will happen in 11 years should give you motivation, right?

Oh! So you don’t believe me that satyuga will happen in 11 years… so when do you believe? You may need to ask a senior to confirm your belief with their belief and then tell me that my belief was “wrong” for their belief should be “right.”

We could go on… what is the point? That is what I mean by living in the mind. It is about just beliefs which we make “real.”

Best to you.

Since the drama is cyclic in nature, you cannot escape from it, there is no way, if I would request Baba that I don’t want to come in iron age and copper age, I only want to come in golden and silver age, he will say “Law does not hold that dude”. Because right now you are in the drama and to play your part you have to come again so no chance to obtain moksha, liberation from cycle of birth and death (My one reason of leaving BKs was this, I would like to take this topic as well with you Ahnanda in future). If we want to escape, we will have to make the drama as linear may be which happens only once. But that’s just my view, you have said in few of your articles that time is cyclic in nature.

Thank you for your question.
From my experience, there is no doubt that there is a cycle of time.
If you didn’t know this, it wouldn’t matter. You will not remember it “now.”
If you know this, it can only make you think about all the “bad” stuff that has happened to “you”; without realizing that the “good” stuff has happened as well because of the “bad.” This is called duality, and both sides come together.

The “I” wants to escape. The “I” wants “moksha.”
You are not your body. You are not your mind. Where are you?
If you say “soul” or “spirit,” then why are you so concerned about suffering things that happened in this physical plane? Those things shouldn’t touch you.
SO, here we find a dishonesty. Those who believe to be an eternal soul but yet are worried about “destruction.”

The issue is the “I.” Otherwise, there is just a movie. Watch it. That is a “detached observer.” You are eternal. You will come back again as you are one more time… Dinesh. (Label identifying the manifestation of a role.)
The “I” will feel sad, desperate, hopeless by knowing this… just because the movie is not going according to his wishes, desires, wants… but yet the “I” does not exist.
That is the wonder. Maya.

If you left the BK movement because of this belief in the Drama, you may want to consider to go back; for as far as I am concerned; that is true…. Time is cyclical, although it appears linear. Repetitive, although it appears new all the time; paradoxical, although it appears logical.
Even though there is death, there is none for you will come back exactly as you are now.
Even though there is suffering; there is pleasure with the same intensity. How do you know suffering, if you don’t experience pleasure? Both come together, although they appear separate.
There is no “I,” although it appears that there is.
That is a “reason” why “I” am not a BK now.

For the common good.