Virtues in the Golden age

Humility, discipline, patience, contentment, tolerance, etc. all of those things that we have learned to “work on” as BKs, are nonexistent in the Golden Age.

That is the catch in BK knowledge which I haven’t heard of anyone talking about.

Are you “creating” sanskaras of humility? Those will not be needed in the Golden age.
Have you heard of a “humble” deity?

It is important then to observe how a “virtue” appears at this time.
It is merely the idealization of its opposite, a “vice”.

When we understand that every energy that exists in the Universe (and by extension in us human beings) has a polarity, we could see that sin and virtues are together like “Yin and Yang”, it is the same energy expressed in different degrees.

Someone who has the potential to express courage has the same potential and in the same intensity, the capacity to express cowardice.

Anger is considered a vice. Its opposite is compassion, a virtue.
Religions and moral teachings will teach us to reject anger, suppress it and in turn, to embrace compassion.

That is not possible. How can we reject night and only keep daylight?
How can we breathe if we reject inhalation and embrace only exhalation?

That is why in the Golden Age; vices do not exist. Neither virtues.
Maya does not exist, neither God.
Observe that by choosing one side of a duality and labeling that as “pure” we cannot get rid of that which is the rest, the “impure.”

Deities are not impure. Neither pure.
Here a BK follower is pursuing purity by rejecting impurity.
We cannot reject the head of the dog and only keep the rest of the dog, unless we want a dead dog.

That is exactly what is happening: A human being pursuing one side of a duality and rejecting the other side; is a dead human being. That person is not living Life anymore. Closed in their own jail/bubble of “purity” surrounded by “impurity”.

The mind can do that trick, because the mind is about division. It divides everything. Nevertheless, the reality of Life does not fit that artificial division.

When a Brahma Kumaris follower transcends the mind, his reality will be different. That may be the “reality” of a Deity, who does not know what is “yoga of the mind.”

To “create” sanskaras of a Deity then, do not divide. Embrace both sides of duality, to transcend it by integrating “what is”.
That is a notch above the game of “pure vs. impure”.

For the common good.