BapDada: When a religion defines what “God” should be

It is apparent that Life is full of “exceptions” to the “rule,” but yet when a dogma is more important than Life itself, then the mental dogma will rule over Life.
This is an issue of seeing Life as a “black or white” matter of fact.
This automatically will blind a person from seeing the many colors that Life offers.

Because is “secure” to see only 2 colors. If we call the color “White” as “good” and the “Black” as “bad,” we have made things easy for the masses to follow.
Exceptions to that are not encouraged for any exception will take the follower out of the dogma. In a “subtle way,” we are expressing that a religion and its dogmatic view is most important than Life which is full of exceptions, full of colors.

BapDada has “no choice” but to follow the script made by a religion.

It is as when a Milk company hires a rock star to endorse its products.
Even though the rock star may suffer from Milk intolerance, he has to say: “Drink Milk: It is good for you.”

BapDada, as we know him now, does not resemble a bit the person/entity that is portrayed behind the Sakar Murlis. To believe that by following those words, a person will “go to heaven” is just a belief in lieu of knowing that every person is different and have different experiences. Reality is full of exceptions, the ideal does not.  Nevertheless, I truly understand that Sakar Murlis are a very important part of the BK method which is geared for the masses. There is no individual journey when we are dealing with the collective consciousness.

Many could say: “Why BapDada does not oppose? He is God after all…”
That question comes from individuals who only know their own little world and extrapolate their conditioning to everyone and everything.

BapDada is not about “Action” now. BapDada is a detached observer. This is the time for the “children” to act, to change, to make up their own versions based upon their limited understanding,  to unleash their own little dramas etc. All is good. 🙂
Because the Drama is predestined, BapDada knows what will happen.
Thus, he relaxes, unwinds, says hello to the “children,” smiles with them, eats with them, asks them to raise their hands, gives them sweet words of encouragement, gives them homework… and once in while, he will pull their ears… That is it.

The children’s expectation will be fulfilled. Everyone is happy!  🙂

For the common good.