Compassion is the only knowledge

When we perceive that the Drama is as it must be, a sense of compassion arrives.
I am using the word compassion, because it is known by the masses thanks to Buddhism. However, the definition of compassion as “sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering and misfortunes of others” is far from what compassion is.

In my experience, compassion is to acknowledge that every experience as perceived by others or the self, is important for the development of that being.

Empathy is perhaps the closest word to compassion.
When there is no knowledge, then pity is the outcome. That energy of pity is highly detrimental when sent to others.

Compassion arrives as the understanding “that I have had a similar experience which was necessary in my development.” Thus, I feel with you, I empathize with you; but I understand that there is benefit at the end.

This is hard to understand when we are caught up with what is happening at the moment without knowing the BK motto: “The Drama is beneficial.”

In my trip to Peru, we experienced some days without water in the capital. There were mudslides in other parts which were contaminating the water supply. Many people experienced hardships (inundation, diseases, animal death, etc.) TV was showcasing sorrowful images and people’s cries for help. Sorrow was everywhere, even for those who did not experience the things first hand.

Individuals may believe that “God is punishing them.” Very few realize that it is merely a consequence of their own acts to control Nature and that global warming is a reality thanks to Human “Progress” driven by “economy of scales.”

Yes, someone could help. Someone could act and go there and lend a hand. That is great!
What is the feeling fueling this action?
That is awareness for those who are ready. This feeling is the decisive factor for the consequence of that action.

That is why, to help someone because it is “right” has no meaning. That creates individuals who are unable to feel and empathize with others.

Of course, there are individuals who can take advantage of this by saying: “Why don’t you empathize with me?”
The honest answer is: Because I don’t feel it.
To empathize does not mean to necessarily take action, but the feeling may be the action itself.

Empathy and not pity is the type of compassion that builds up feelings to take us away from the “righteous mind.” Paradoxically, “real knowledge” is beyond the mind.

For the common good.