Our path needs to be discovered

In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I recall that “knowledge,” “gyan,” was the highlight of the BK movement.
No one has that “knowledge.” The theoretical “knowledge” of the soul, the 3 worlds, the cycle of time, karma, etc. gave me the sensation that “I knew.”

Many Brahma Kumaris followers may have the theory in their minds to guide their actions. It is thought that by following “right” actions based on “knowledge” something “good” will happen. Self-transformation.

Now I see that it is not like that.
There is one important aspect which is overlooked, it is called consciousness. If consciousness does not change, then all we have is a fake behavior.

Nevertheless, I understand that even if I write detailed recipes of my own experience, those will not help a reader to change his consciousness. This is merely information or at best,  a way to inspire others.
I could say that our ultimate reality is that “we are not but we are.” Very few will grasp this. Most will repeat this or write it in other blogs as if they have the “truth,” but it is completely meaningless for the consciousness necessary is not there yet. It is not the time.

Therefore, to have “knowledge” is very elementary. It is for beginners.
What is required is “openness” and that is not for beginners, for that means to overcome our own mental structures, our own beliefs and traumas our own “I.”

Concisely, when you ARE, you don’t need knowledge for you know.

It is of very little help to know that we are souls, for our intrinsic nature is to BE and not to BE. The container could be a glass (soul), but consciousness is the element inside the glass. That consciousness will give us BEING.

Most religions are concerned in changing the external color of the glass, for that is the extent of their “help.” The glass is transparent, so whatever consciousness we have will be eventually shown.

That is how we arrive at acknowledging our own process. I can assure you that self-realization is not a “mass event” of a particular religion. It will happen to an individual when his timing has arrived, not before.

Therefore, a dogmatic view full of beliefs, separating what is “right” from what is “wrong”, is only the beginning of the journey.
Nonetheless, a very important episode but… the beginning.

For the common good.