Fight now, surrender later

A friend of mine stopped by yesterday. We lost contact for quite a while. He had problems consuming drugs and alcohol. He was very angry with society because he couldn’t get a decent job and because society stopped, his desire to be successful in Life (His perspective.) He had some misdemeanors and issues with the local police. All of that was recorded in his personal record. No company/employer was going to hire him.

He said: “ I want to change my Life. In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) they said to me that Spirituality may help me. I want to follow something spiritual not religious, for a few hours a day, learn meditation and become more spiritual. I remember that you have been with the Brahma Kundalini, right? Is that Kundalini? I want to explore them.”

I didn’t say anything. I asked him if he was willing to give everything up. He said: “I just want to do this part time and concentrate on growing a business.”

At that point, I knew he wasn’t ready to change. He just wanted to introduce his foot in the water of the pool and think that this action, will help him in his Life. Perhaps that was the beginning  of a new Life for him, we shall see. When he was younger he joined another belief system because those ideas were new, and away from what society was offering to him. He also had the chance through this “cult” to stand against the strong religious beliefs of his father. My friend is a rebel.

My friend, is in the process of fighting against Life.  He will bang his head against the wall. That pain will help him after all, to take the next step: To surrender, to open up. His time for surrendering hasn’t arrived yet.

Many times, we are unable to perceive how conditioning shapes us. We may think that what we have learned is to be “Me,” but it is just conditioning.
AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) may be aware that a different “method” or “system” away from mainstream society is needed to believe in something different that will give the participant hope and newness in Life.

That is what “cults” or “spiritual methods” or “religious movements” typically represent. It is a necessary way to get out of mainstream society. Most unaware individuals will take their new belief as the “truth” and will reject their old conditioning, society.

Few are able to see that Life does not hold any colors to defend or to pursue. We, humans; create those. A different structure or “method” or system, is only showing us a different perspective of Life. When we are able to see that there are many perspectives, we free ourselves from all of them, without rejecting none of them.

What is the outcome of this?
We see Life as a game. We are open to it. I live in society. I play the game of enacting my part in my job. That is, what is expected of me. My job is not a source of Maslow’s self-realization. It is a means to get a livelihood in this society. I enjoy my job, enjoy the game. The “worry” game is another type of game: The insurance/medical costs going up, the political affiliations game, the “Buy this to be happy” game, the “ go and get ahead” game etc. For most unaware individuals, this is serious business.

The same is with my experience of Brahma Kumaris. It was another perspective of Life. Now I clearly see the game of “Time is running out, it is now or never.” “Everything is service, anything else is a waste of time.” “You will not have a high status in the Golden age, if you do not DO this or the other.” Etc. All games. But, when I did not see this, I was in it, completely until I was gone from it. Life is paradoxical. If we reject something, later we will embrace it. It is guaranteed. If you are all for some cause, at another time; perhaps another Life, you will be against it. To go through the full experience is the game of Life.
Thus, my friend is only going through part of his journey.

Of course, intellectual understanding of this is not enough. We need to see it for ourselves, by getting out of the comfortable valley of the “status quo” and climb the mountain to see things from up above.

This climbing brings the process of self-realization. It is sweaty, it is demanding, tiring, long… but when we give up the expectations to go somewhere, we may see the valley from a different perspective.
You are free, without looking for it… without DOING.

The desire to see things from different perspectives, to open to Life brings self-realization. Not the search for self-realization. That brings more ego.

For the common good.