Repeating the dogma without experience

How many BK teachers have the experience of soul consciousness?
How many BK teachers have the experience of the cycle of time?
How many BK believers have the experience of all those things which are repeated as dogmatic truths?

Without experience how could someone assert the existence or non-existence of something? This type of behavior is very common in many believers. This is plain “blind faith.”

“Parrot repetition” is part of the training we have received from society and there is this belief that “information is power” in  the mundane as well as in “spiritual” things.
However, “spirituality” is about BEING. “You” ARE what you know; thus there is no difference between “your knowledge” and what you ARE. However, we try to cover who we ARE with plenty of encyclopedic information or dogmatic views. The misinterpretation is to gain information, “knowledge” to BE “better.” 🙂

Most religious groups present their “teachers” with a great resume of “accomplishments.”
“Sri Sri so and so, has been a teacher of this “method” all over the world for over 30 years. Sri Sri has led numerous workshops and has been an adviser of many important people. Sri Sri has a doctorate in whatever. Sri Sri’s wit, wisdom and generosity has been known by many. Sr Sri is a true messenger of peace… “
That presentation is typical of our society which is concerned with degrees, certifications, years on the job (known as experience) and character. That type of resume is not important at all when we are dealing with someone who is in the path of self-realization.

The belief that a “spiritual person” doesn’t DO some things and DO others is prevalent, as if self-realization is about denial of activities.
The interesting thing is that most are completely unaware of who is on his way of self-realization and who isn’t, so most settle for the list of a “achievements and certifications.” Unless someone can see the aura or subtle energies of a “spiritual guru”; then they will know. Nevertheless, most individual are completely oblivious on who they have in front of them.

Yet, a resume of accomplishments  and eloquent talk will be taken as “proof” that someone “knows.”
This type of ingenuity sells spirituality to the masses, it is all about profit. It may seem like our society is looking for parrots who are very adept on using the mind for profit but lack the heart to relate with the core of every individual they come across.

To know that we are “souls” is of no consequence when the only difference between the “teacher” and the student are the clothes the teacher is wearing, and the set of beliefs the teacher disseminates as “truth,” as if they were his own experience.

For the common good.