“Nothing new” and “Everything new.”

“With the awareness of Baba and the knowledge of the drama, you will have the unshakeable stage of “nothing new” and become a destroyer of attachment.”

The above paragraph is from a recent Murli.
Detachment is not a “practice.” If we make detachment into a practice it will only be our interpretation of it.

Detachment comes naturally, as our neediness at all levels lessens.
The ultimate neediness is to define ourselves into someone.

Thus, as our consciousness of being Life itself increases; there is no room for what is known as attachment.

When you are “no one,” who are you going to attach to?

Nevertheless, in BK knowledge there is no experience of non-I; thus, there is a defined “I” attaching to different things… including Baba.
When there is a concise “I” wanting to DO things, disappointment could set in as expectations are not fulfilled, thus; there is a need to hang onto something greater than us, to maintain hope in Life.

That is the importance of Baba in BK life.

But, how could someone protect himself when Life seems so unpredictable, constantly changing?

That is why the knowledge of  “nothing new” arrives. Even though we don’t remember, it is “nothing new.” No need to lose our “stage” for some repeated “bad” moment… and so the “theory” goes.
That is the “yukti” to deal with the constant unpredictable changes in Life.

However, it is a mental solution only. If your emotions are not consistent with your rational understanding of “nothing new,” then there will be a trauma inside.

In BK Life, every moment is a “nothing new.” However, that is not the full reality of things.
Every moment is also a “new” thing. As a matter of fact, that is the way it appears in our consciousness. Life is always newness.

Why don’t we enjoy that newness?
Because there is this “I” wanting to control outcomes, situations, to fit an ideal, when something different occurs then we are distressed.

Detachment is in “No-I.”
Attachment is in “I.”
“Nothing new” is not the whole experience when there is “Everything new” at the same time.

However, “Nothing new” is a valid method to deal with uncertainty.
Although, “Everything new” does not have room for uncertainty… but most of us, are not able to stand uncertainty, which is at the core of Life, thus; we attach to anything that appears to “save us,” to give us the sensation that “we are right,”  safe, to give us comfort like a little baby sucking on his pacifier to avoid crying.

The pacifier helps him to create an unshakeable stage.

For the common good.