Murli points: May 13th

Someone (an angel?) is sending me recent Murli points to inspire some of the articles here.
This one is from May 13th, 2107.

Which hope should children not have in the Father?
Some children say: Baba, cure my illness! Have mercy! Baba says: Those are your old organs. There will be a little difficulty but what can Baba do about it? Why do you ask for mercy from Baba when someone dies or goes bankrupt? Those are your karmic accounts. Yes, with the power of yoga, your lifespan can increase. To whatever extent you can, use your power of yoga.
You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating.

Observe the duality within the question and answer.
“Your karmic accounts” are not just in our perception of what is negative, but also in the perception of what is positive.

A disease could be perceived as “negative.” However, I have been a witness of how that disease could transform someone into a “better” person. Once the transformation takes place, there is no need for that disease to exist, thus; a medicine or a cure is found, the Drama/Life will allow it, and then thanking Baba for that “miracle” may be part of our understanding.

Yes, we are thankful… but it wasn’t Baba who “cured you,” but Life itself once you were ready for a different experience under a different consciousness.

Our minds are so full of traditions, deep rooted beliefs upon beliefs that anything “positive” that happens to us, we automatically believe to be the deeds of God or some other entity of our liking.

Sometimes, entities of light will help someone through a disease, but it Is not because someone is “special” or because that entity is looking to be worshiped. It is a necessity in the Drama. It is a karmic return that needs to happen at a particular time.

Death is perceived as “bad.” Bad karma, etc. That is foolish and childish! It is a passage into a different experience.

“You” want to increase your Life span? Do all the yoga that you want, (for whatever that means to you, without ever knowing if what you are doing is true yoga or not) but if it is in your destiny to go due to an accident or some unforeseen circumstance, there is no power of yoga that could help “you.”
Why should that help you? Is dying young a “bad thing”?

That is only in our perception of what “should be.”
The “eternal soul” is ageless, and this experience is only one of many. We could believe this to be a very “special” moment to DO something “unique,” but every effort to DO something for a particular purpose is full of ego.
Because it is not “natural DOING” which lacks of any further expectation, as Baba says: “For the sake of just doing.”

“Your” DOING with a purpose in mind to accomplish something in particular, defines “you.” That definition traps “you,” encloses “you” into some ideal that cannot flow, cannot change. Success and failure is created and with that your own hell of fears.

That lyrics of the “song” only projects the image of a renunciate. If our mind is not in balance, we will abuse that and hurt ourselves.
The night is for sleeping, there is no waste in that. “You” cannot open new karmic accounts while sleeping. It is “good”! If you are tired because you want to sleep less, you will make mistakes. Have you noticed that?
The same is with eating. There is a fine line within enjoyment of food, nourishment and compulsive eating or lack of it, but a mind which lacks harmony, will tend to see things under a “black or white” perspective.

For the common good.