Believing in “pretty words.”

When someone is living Life absorbed by the mind, words are very important specially if their meaning is ambiguous.

In my past experience with the Brahma Kumaris, I learned about certain “keywords” which no one knew what exactly those meant.
“The power of yoga” is one of them, “Shrimat” is another, “Dharamraj,” is a mysterious one but well used when “punishment” is the incentive to be “good and obedient.”

Do you believe that Life is about punishment and reward?
Are punishment and reward actually “real” in a predestined Drama? How that can be? 
Food for thought.
But yet, the idea is that there is “punishment.” Loaded word that only brings fear to comply, which many followers label as “love.”

The other day I received an email with the following “inspirational quote”:
To be still is to be conscious without thought.
Eckhart Tolle.

Is that your experience?
If you are a Brahma Kumaris follower; Do you know what is stillness?
It cannot be what Tolle mentions above, for a Brahma Kumaris follower believes in “remembering Baba” as much as possible.
Can you remember without thoughts?

Thus, “stillness” in Brahma Kumaris is another thing. How about single pointed concentration? Most BKs may agree with that, especially if I add the word “Shiva.” Single pointed concentration on Shiva.

What is my point?
A pretty word is used. That word is worshiped, but it means different things for different people.

Let me change the quote from Tolle and say:
To BE is to be conscious without thought.
Can we say that to BE is stillness?

It doesn’t sound right… but once you experience BEING, you may say that the Stillness of Tolle is the same as the BEING-ness of Avyakt7- NG.

And what about the “Stillness” of Brahma Kumaris?
Controlling thoughts by adding a leading thought (Shiva), is the first attempt to become AWARE of thoughts. The leading thought is not the “thing” to achieve but a prop. Once we are AWARE of thoughts, we will not try to control them, but we will learn to OBSERVE if we are identified with them. When there is no identification, even though there are thoughts, there is NOBODY HAVING thoughts, then you are experiencing “stillness” despite thoughts… 🙂

For the common good.