Question: Can a rajayogi be a healer and earn money?

Thank you for your question.
In the Brahma Kumaris path, many times questions like the one you made will come up.
Answers will be given by a senior brother or sister. Evidently, not every senior will answer in the same way. Then, we will cherry-pick our answer.
My “thoughts” and answer to your question, will be shared in my experience below.

The last 4 or 5 years of my BK experience, I was a “healer.”
The label “healer” means many things for many. What do you heal? Do you truly heal someone from an ailment? Perhaps this label is just to differentiate from a regular doctor.

After I lost my “good Office world” job in the computer field, I studied some healing modalities and I was “initiated” by an Indian healer in Jodhpur, India. I lived there for a month after a trip to Madhuban. This “job” was my source of income.  Although I was doing another small job on the side.

Few felt that my practice was specially “healing” for them. Most did not. I ended up studying massage therapy. I crossed the line for some BKs: I was touching people.

Certainly I could see their concern for I was “practicing” BK celibacy. However, I decided to go for it. The overall experience was “healing” for me.

I had challenges. One time a woman felt that my energy work was helping her. I was going to do a healing session for some emotional issue she had. It was my first time doing this. I did not have the necessary experience working at this level.
I asked her about her emotional issue. It was something related with a family member. The woman cried very hard during the session. The energy coming out of her was so strong, that I fainted for a couple of seconds and fell. I did not think much of this, until I gave a massage to a woman who could “read” me as I was touching her. She said: “There is an entity working with you. He loves you very much. He looks like an old Chinese master, dressed in white.” I thought perhaps the woman was seeing Brahma Baba! I was happy with my assumption… 🙂

A few years later, my sister Raysha (who has a gift of seeing entities) visited me and saw the entity in my place. With her and my friend Mathias’ help, the entity left my place and my energetic field rather peacefully.

Later I found that this entity was influencing me with his melancholic sadness. During those years as a BK, I wasn’t much of a lively person. It seemed as if I could attract the energy of sadness from others and my environment. However, sadness wasn’t new to me. There was an emotional trauma that I carried with me even before I was born in this life. That is how I experienced that like energies attract each other.
That entity entered my energetic field during the session I had with that woman.
Nevertheless, as the Drama has it, that was beneficial for me to maintain celibacy despite the different “challenges” and opportunities I had to deal with different women.

Sadness and the excitement of sexuality do not mix together.

I thought that my BK practice was making me “stronger” and “conqueror of sex lust”… until I found out about the other things.

In conclusion:  Yes… I found out why the Brahma Kumaris frowns upon some practices like “healing” and touching people’s energy.
Yes… the whole experience was beneficial for me as I learned important aspects about energy, sadness and sexuality.

I went honestly with what my heart told me at the time. Took my chances went along with the consequences.

For the common good.