Question: What is consciousness and what is awareness?

“Can you please explain a bit more about consciousness, with reference to awareness. My experence so far with BEING aware is that, it is just a state of being there, separation from thoughts is experienced when you BE AWARE with high alertness from inside, but what is this consciousness? Now an Indian is in different consciousness than an American based on their culture when they meet.
Is consciousness nothing but the awareness of our own set of believes? Is to be conscious the same as to be aware?”

Thank you for your question.
Observe the sky. Do you see a cloud in a sunny afternoon? What color is it? Most probably “white,” correct?
Is a “white person” the same color as the “white cloud”?  🙂  Definitely not.
What is the “true” white color then?
It is an ideal. We know it, but we cannot explain it through words.
Similarly, the words consciousness and awareness are used in so many different ways!
For instance, you are using the word “consciousness” in the setting of an Indian and an American consciousness, rather than using the words idiosyncrasy or upbringing.
Your concept of “consciousness” is different than the way that Avyakt7-NG uses it.

Consciousness and Awareness are words typically used to define each other. What is consciousness? It is awareness. What is awareness? It is consciousness. That is like defining the color “white” or “God.” Do you see the issue?
This is how it is easy to build religious concepts and systems out of words that cannot be fully defined. Everyone “knows” what we are talking about, but no one knows exactly what it IS.
Here is a description of the words Consciousness and Awareness:
When you awaken from your night sleep, there is a very brief moment in which there is “consciousness” of BEING. The “role,” the baggage comes up a few tenths of a second later, then; “I AM.”
That “I AM” in your case is the script of what “Dinesh” IS and what IS not. That is how our delimited personality arrives. That is a definition of “Dinesh.”
Throughout the role of “Dinesh” there are perceptions from the inner world as well as the outer. AWARENESS deals with that.
If you put the above explanation as the “idea” to define “consciousness” and “awareness,” you may have a concept to play with, but you will not have the EXPERIENCE and without experience you truly do not know.

In Life what is important is the experience, then the label to describe it to others may arrive. A label used depends on your knowledge of a language, your vocabulary.
However, in our society and the “Office world/afterlife insurance systems” we do the opposite. The concept is first, to intellectually “understand” and then we want our experience to fit that concept, to be “right.”
That is why we may never know “God” even though we may have experience “it/him/her.” Our perception does not fit the concept that resides in the mind.
Perhaps now, you may see why there is not a single scripture in “spiritual,” or Life matters; that could be taken literally.
Are you AWARE of that? Are you CONSCIOUS of that?
Or perhaps, your consciousness is making you aware of it?  🙂

In Brahma Kumaris parlance, you may try : “Trilokinath,” “Trikaldarshi,” “Abhogta,” those are concepts learned which followers repeat as if those were their experience. Those concepts become “truth” and that is worshiped.  The mind is happy for having found the “truth,” for “knowing.”  

For the common good.