The belief in “truth.”

Is the BK belief the “truth”?

Our society has been conditioned through that word “truth.” In our society we have certain facts, which we call ‘truth.’
We have certain experiences which we label as ‘truth.’
Although that is a very limited perspective to understand the Universe and Life itself.

No. The BK belief is not the only ‘truth.’ Intellectually it is the one that made more sense to me back then (from my perspective) although, I am able to see now its limitations.  I understand that the BK knowledge as it is, is necessary for many human journeys.

“How is that possible?
You were the one that wrote in “Exploring the Depth of Living” that BK knowledge was the truth, and you defended it with all your strength. I believed in you, now you come up with something different. You are a no-good liar, a traitor. What makes you believe that now you have the truth?”

Isn’t that what many BKs readers believe of me?

Now let me ask. What is wrong with change? Why should I continue to support something which is no longer valid for me?
Ahnanda (avyakt7-NG) is completely different than the one who believed in BK knowledge some years ago. What I perceive now, is what “I” share.

“But that is just your own “manmat”, it is your own delusion!”

Perhaps. But it is my reality and I am being honest with it.
That is what “I” share.
“But that has no value. I want truth!”
Then find it yourself. Reading my writings or someone else’s, even God’s scriptures, will not give you what you are looking for.
Discover for yourself what the “truth” is.

Life, the Universe has many dimensions. Those cannot be framed into a paragraph of “knowledge” as the “only way.”

As those other dimensions are included into BK knowledge, all of the sudden the “logic” of “the knowledge” breaks apart… there is an unsurmountable gap which can only be covered by beliefs.
I bet you want to know what those specifics are, right? 🙂

Discover them yourself.

That is exactly the path of Avyakt7 into Ahnanda. It is your own journey.

“So what good to us is what you are “sharing”?”
That depends on where you are in the journey. Definitely these writings are not for everyone. That is something to keep in mind. One more thing that I’d like to share: “Truth” does not change or transform. The journey does.

For the common good.