The BK promise: To BE someone

From my perspective now, the BK path in my experience was interesting. I learned a lot which in turn allowed me to evolve.

What I understood back then, as the things that I needed to “achieve” in Life, such as “truth,” “liberation in life,” “ a high status,” and to be “God’s helper,” are no longer necessary. In fact, to be “number 1” or “like the Father,” has no meaning for me.

Someone who is on the verge of leaving the BK movement, may take the words above as the “insurance” they need to make the “right decision.” Those individuals are not capable of understanding that this is not about “making the right choice,” or having the “right answer.”
For them, those words will be merely the “escape goat” they require to escape the BK life style, when they are fed up.

We cannot fool our consciousness. That is why it is utmost important for a “spiritual” person to DO as our consciousness, our BEING is.
I wouldn’t tell that to a criminal. For them, to stop their aggressive behavior is a necessity to live in society. They may need methods to keep their aggressivity in check. They may need a dose of guilt so they could feel contrition AND the promise that if they BEHAVE “good” there will be a REWARD for them in the FUTURE.

Do we see the difference?
The world has many people with many types of consciousness. We cannot treat everyone like criminals. Avyakt7-NG, does not share with the idea that everyone reading these things fall into the “criminal” mind set. (I am using the word “criminal” only to make a distinction, a point. I am not labeling a BK as a criminal. That is not my intention or the meaning. )

However, the BK path is meant to reform the “criminal” behavior.
Therefore, the methods to reform will be there. The promise of “salvation” as a reward will be plentiful.
Basically, rise from the “lower” criminal behavior into the “higher” angelic one. If you are going to BE someone, BE that. Achieve that. Make that your objective, your aim. Devote your Life to that goal. You will have help. Stick around.
That is the purpose of the BK path. That is why, it is needed as it is.
Yes, there may be “issues” inside which are the natural consequence of that type of mentality. It needs to flush out, just as what we do in the “Office World,” we put all “criminals” in the same place. There, what they ARE will come out until they give up, until their rage gets expelled from them, by going through its natural course. Old age brings that benefit in itself. That aggressivity which is typical in younger people, will diminish without DOING a thing.

The promise to be SOMEONE is important, for in the process of “criminal reformation,” we may lose everything we possess, every title we earned, every respect there was for us; however, that “I” will remain and “self-respect” (A word used in BK parlance but hardly understood) is what will get that person out of that suffering as it will make their life worth living it, with hope in a “better future.”     “I” will be SOMEONE .

However, it is not the end of the path. SOMEONE brings no-one.
That is not about intellectual understanding. It is not a concept to “churn.” It is an experience in itself.

For the common good.