Rephrasing the answer: Who AM I?

Brahma Kumaris is the path of the intellect, by extension; the mind.
The mind is happy with concepts, definitions. The mind is OK with a promise of something “good” in the future.
If Brahma Kumaris promises the follower to be SOMEONE, I wonder how the question asked in the first day of class of the “6 day course, “ WHO AM I? is related.

Basically, it comes down to this: You are a “soul” but you will be SOMEONE in the future.
What is that SOMEONE that Brahma Kumaris promises?
A deity, an angel, etc. etc.

The word “soul” is merely a concept. The mind accepts that concept for it is insurance for the afterlife. Most individuals are not feeling at ease by knowing that we have a limited time. We will die. This consciousness of what we think to BE, will perish, disappear.
The ego-mind, wants to continue on. The IDEA of BEING a soul brings that soothing relief for: “I am eternal.”

However, who is that “I”? Most will not get this question. Even though BapDada has mentioned in Avyakt Murlis.

Right now, we are merely a role. That is the “I.” That role will disappear, will change.
If “I” am only conscious of the role, “I” could believe that this is the “I” that will survive eternally. It is not like that.

Therefore, to be “soul conscious” is to go beyond the roles. Paradoxically, going beyond means to go beyond becoming SOMEONE in the future, for that is only a role.
Do you see where I am getting at?

WHO I AM? IS NOT the role. Is not the IDEA, the concept of being a “soul.” It is only to observe who I am “NOW.”
Do we observe anger? Do we observe detachment? Those things “I AM.” It is in the realization of that who I AM, how change happens, transformation occurs, without DOING things to AVOID that who I AM, without using my mind to separate the “good from the bad, what “should be” instead of “what is.”

The “soul” contains all the roles. Without a role we are NOBODY. Do we see that?

I am not a soul.
I am not a body.
I am nobody.
Yet, when we are unable to discern the roles playing, we believe that to be ME.

When we are deeply sleeping, who are we? Is the “soul” sleeping?
When consciousness appears after sleep, is that out of my own will?

But yet, we feel that we KNOW because we repeat: I AM A SOUL, not a body.
But yet the body is what our consciousness actually discerns as BEING ME.
Perhaps a mirage, an illusion but that is “what is,” right now.
Why deny it? Why go with an idea (soul) to reject what it is obvious?
Here is when HONESTY will take us into a different direction. Acknowledge your consciousness. That is where you ARE. 

Once our OBSERVATION increases, we will realize that using the concepts of soul or body, will not allow me to observe what is going on inside… that is what I AM NOW.

For the common good.