The world of Maya

As humans have different consciousness and ranges of experiences, there cannot be an item that could be labeled as the “truth,” for that depends on our predestined perception.
This is very important to understand at least at the intellectual level.

Observe that many times you may be well and smiling and then, some thought will appear, some sensation will invade you and will change that “sunny day,” into thunderstorms.
The mind will believe the contrast and identify with the experience. While we walk around with a rainy cloud, everyone else around us seems to be living a sunshine.

Nevertheless, we fail to realize that sunshine or a cloudy day are fleeting experiences, complementary of each other and we rather live the perception, that this is “Me.”

Maya is “Illusion.” The Brahma Kumaris uses this word to signify anything that is not what Brahma Kumaris perceives as “what should be.”

Did you wake up late for Amrit Vela? It wasn’t you. It was Maya making it happen.
Didn’t you follow a particular “code of conduct”? You are full of Maya.
“The world is an illusion” it is said, and what is “real” is what the Brahma Kumaris says it is.
Thus, the “Godly side” is created to contrast the “Maya side.”

While Christianity uses Satan, Lucifer as the nemesis of God; Brahma Kumaris uses “Maya.”

The contrast is necessary to “shape up” followers into a particular side. Nevertheless, that seemingly opposition does not exist. Yes… we may say it is an “illusion.”

God is complementary of Satan or Maya. One cannot live without the other.

We are living in perceptions according to our consciousness. We could say “reality” itself is an illusion and every “Illusion” is a reality.

Truly “Maya” is a tool for teaching purposes.
In a “eternally predestined Drama,” as every Brahma Kumaris follower “knows,” what could be an “illusion”?

Waking up from “illusions,” is like waking up from a dream. We just go into a different “reality.”
But while the dream was on, that was “real.”

Therefore, do we want to find out what is the “real” reality, the “truth”?
If your answer is “yes,” you have not understood this writing.
If your answer is “no,” there is no understanding of the above.
If you don’t answer, you may have understood… but perhaps, you may need for the question to be repeated again… Only you know.
The question does not matter a bit.
It all comes down to the experience.
As you perceive your experience, so it will be your “reality.”

There is no need to change your perception for a “good one.” There is no need to make the effort to change your sensation of depression into a fake smile.
Just observe how fleeting your sensations are. Observe how easily we identify with a particular state of being.
Equanimity is in that observation. There is no “Maya” there nor “reality.” That is “limbo.”

Christians invented limbo when they realized that “reality” cannot be “black or white” only.
The Brahma Kumaris’ murli will pinpoint to some “exceptions” of the typical “black and white” world; nevertheless; usually ignored by followers.

When a religion is dealing with masses of people, who has the time to dwell into every possible exception?
Thus, a “black and white” world will fit the bill. Although that is an “illusion,” (Maya) it could be made “real.”

For the common good.