Message 3 – The Truth.

Brahma Kumaris teaches that DOING can change BEING. DO certain repetitive actions to become more “spiritual,” “pure.”
That is a fence, a line defining a view of Life.

Avyakt7-NG shares that there is no DOING that could change BEING.
That is another fence defining a view of Life.
Between those 2 extremes, many religions have put their own fences, their own lines or spaces of perception of Life.

The Buddha taught the “middle way.” That is yet another fence. The “middle” of what? Of 2 fences. The mind and its conditioning will give you the ‘yes’ and the ‘no.’ Those are 2 fences. Look in the “middle” of that.

Thus, which fence is the “truth”?
It is not a matter of “choosing” the “right” fence. Every fence is merely a confined space of perception of Life.
Once you build your own fence, you will find your own “truth.” But it is never the “truth.”

Life does not have fences. Humans have built those.
Is that the “truth”?

Now that it is written…. It is not.