Message 7: Predestination and the Cycle of Time.

For some consciousness, we are all ONE.
Who is predestined then?
That ONE changes through its full range. That is known as the “cycle of time.” If there wouldn’t be any change, then there wouldn’t be any movement. Without movement, there is no Life.

Because there is Life in that ONE, then it changes.
Who is predestined then?
When that ONE is divided in many. Then “I” appears. Then “I” will be sleeping in the belief that there is free will or predestination for “I” cannot see the ONE.
It is all appearances, illusions when we look at things from the “unlimited” from the ONE.  Is god the ONE?  I am not referring to that one. I am referring to Everyone.

 Predestination is for the many. “God” is predestined. “We” are predestined. Although, our consciousness says that we have “free will.” Believe in whatever you want. Even in the “I.”

What is the value of knowing about predestination?
Little. Unless we are ready to OBSERVE, for then we will not be caught up with definitions, concepts and thought.
Most don’t want to OBSERVE. Most want to believe in the “truth.”
Do you want to hurt the “I”? That is predestination.
Do you want to pamper the “I”? That is free will.

Oh, truth seekers! Where is the truth that you shall find?

Find the “reality” of the “I.”