Message 8: Imitation of Being of Lights.

A being of light (angel) has been seen to be made of white light.
A Brahma Kumaris follower, dresses in white.
A being of light is one with himself. Sexuality is not needed in that realm.
A Brahma Kumaris follower does not engage in sexual activity.
A being of light does not need to eat. However, they may be seen in scenes while eating.
A Brahma Kumaris follower believes that food needs to be “pure,” meaning; only prepared by followers following all (believed) standards of “purity.”
A being of light does not need to sleep.
A Brahma Kumaris follower is encouraged to sleep as little as possible. The example given is of Brahma Baba who could sleep only a couple hours a day.
A being of light is incorporeal. It is believed that God is incorporeal.
A Brahma Kumaris follower is taught to forget his body. That is their understanding of becoming “incorporeal” from “body conscious.”

Copying other beings does not make someone a being of light. When consciousness lacks, imitation is dangerous.

To deny who we ARE now to imitate what we ARE not, is to deny ourselves, our nature, Life. That is to deny the gift of being alive: BEING “Now.” We are human beings: Acknowledge it, experience it, become fully aware of it, for it has its own time.