Message 10: Fear to live

Most religions rely on a childish eschatology, inflicting fear to followers. Fear is a proven way to control. The result is fear to God. Fear to live Life.
Religions believing in a God, preach about love to God over all other things.
Paradoxically, a  “God fearing person” cannot love God. It is impossible.

Fear of “making mistakes” in Life, creates a repressed, perfectionist individual, afraid of living but willing to comply to stories of redemption for his own “salvation.” That person will become increasingly dry, self-absorbed and mentally ill. Although, they could be labeled as “saints” or “angels” or “elevated” by their own peers or the masses; they can hide through that façade, their own fears.

Living a fulfilled life prepares someone for death. Living in fear of dying, creates “hell on Earth.” Their belief of “hell” will become their own living reality.

To belong to a religion, adds particular experiences to an individual. It does not make someone into a “chosen one.”
Life nor God can have “chosen ones,” when everyone is ONE.