Message 11: No punishment in Life

A childish understanding of the movie that we call Life, invents the duality of reward and punishment.

There is no DOING of certain actions that will make someone “better” in Life.
If I help a little old lady to cross a busy street, I am not making points to go to heaven. I am not DOING “good karma.” I am not becoming “better.”
That is childish.

If my DOING is driven by those ideas, I am only showing my ego.
The truth is I AM a greedy, ambitious person. I am DOING an action not because I FEEL it, but because I THINK it. I THINK that I am gaining something for myself. The conditioning says that I must take advantage of that opportunity. 
That is what we have learned in society, we applaud that. We teach that and label that as “good action.” We anticipate “reward points” in our Godly “visa card.” That inner dishonesty does not work in Life.

What we DO to others, we DO it to ourselves.
There is no reward system. No punishment needed. No little bed stories of “salvation” required.