The damaging effects of the “truth.”


In my experience with Mathias (being of light) even though he knows my destiny, he will not disclose things to me unless I am ready for them.

In between, he may say things in a general way, to “test the waters.”
That has been interpreted many times by me as “lies.” However, once I observe the finished scene, once I have gone through it, I could see how necessary everything was.
What do I take out of this?
The business of giving “advice” to others is very fishy in whatever level, unless we know someone’s destiny. All we can transmit is our own experience and allow for a person to follow their own path. However, our conditioning is such, that many times we feel that what we know or have experienced is the “truth” that will apply to others.
That is deceitful.

I could also observe that many religious groups and society as a whole, may “practice” the “white lie” approach. However, the huge difference is that a religious group or society has interests behind. A being of light does not. He does not profit on my “conversion” in any way and I am free to leave this situation anytime I want, without further repercussions.

Observe this: “If you don’t DO this now, then this will happen to you.” “This is god, so obey if you don’t want to spoil your fortune.”
Why on earth, someone will care about “my” fortune? Think about yours. Period. We use the “I care for someone” as a way to look good to others and to reassure the value of our experience to ourselves. 

Many times, we may want to “spill the beans” because it is the “truth” after all. We may even quote something like: “Even if it hurts, it is the truth and I ‘d rather that, than a lie.”
We are not aware of the trauma that this causes in our own psyche, never mind; others. We are unaware of how violent something labeled as the “truth” could be when someone is not ready. The truth becomes an ideal in our minds with higher value than the well-being of others and ourselves.

If we really care about someone, we will surely learn to “take the pulse.” That is a very risky art, but that is the way of change.
True change is subtle, slow like dawn changing into daylight. Anything else is violent, and that has consequences.