Looking to improve “myself.”

This post will address the recent comment from Chandra Prakash.
There are many reasons to join the BK movement. Yours was mostly for your own edification. You wanted to improve yourself by “learning yoga and use your knowledge and skills fully.”

Your description is similar to the one to get a better job. It is about learning skills, information (knowledge) and knowing the right people (yoga) to find a good job.
In this comparison, the “right people” is “God.” In Brahma Kumaris, there is no yoga without “God.”
‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris” appeals to people looking for an “edge” to act or DO what is “right.” That is according to our conditioning and for those living in the mind. Some intellectual followers believe to have “practical answers or solutions” to apply in the day to day “office world/society,” aka “life.”
That is “good” for there are many people in that circumstance. In this way, Brahma Kumaris’ teachings fit society’s expectations and standards.
In Life, “truth” is not related with what the majority think is “right.” That is a conditioning of society.
You have learnt to find your answers through google or by reading opinions like mine. You find these writings appealing, or to give it a better label; “balanced.”
You are making your own path. Nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, “God” or rather, the “truth” of God, cannot be found that way, in my experience.
Brahma kumaris is catering to different segments of people at this time. There is no self-realization through listening to “awakening through Brahma Kumaris,” however; there is a lot of practical methods (yuktis) to apply. You may find that “experts” have answers for everything, except when the issues are related with their own lives.
Any path you choose is “good” as long as you feel that there is “improvement.” Once “improvement” is replaced by stagnation through comfort, it is time to change. Whatever path you choose, go at it fully, always observing how this path will allow you to know more about yourself.
Because Brahma Kumaris mostly cater to individuals living in the mind, we feel surprised once we find “feelings.” It happened to Avyakt7 as well. Brahma Kumaris help us to discover that, nevertheless; those feelings are always with us. As this discovery progresses, we could move from the “reason” of the mind into the “reason” of the heart.

That could be a scary experience for those trying to get a “good job” in society, along with all perks, coming from studying hard, getting degrees and DOING everything to secure yourself and your family for the future.
To discover the heart, you may need to leave all of that and even leave that which is known as “I.” That is a journey in itself.
We don’t do anything to make that happen. We don’t make effort to leave society and its comforts. It happens only when we are ready and… when we are ready, it doesn’t feel as if we are making a “great” sacrifice. It is ony the “logical” next step in Life.

That is why, observe who you ARE in Life. Life is full of perceptions. In my opinion, be honest about your “selection” in Life. Don’t aim for “DOING what is right,” but rather for what “FEELS right.”