The luring “Guru”

Once a human being is “selected” for the process of self-realization, many of his experiences will be unique. Those experiences will even affect people surrounding the person going through the changes, however; those experiences most of the time are misinterpreted by followers.
For example, the belief in “Krishna” and the golden age, allowed followers to represent those things back in Brahma Baba’s days. Today, Dadis may wear crowns in BK celebrations, signifying Kings and Queens of the Golden age. It is not them, who are that “now,” but it is believed that their “role” will be that in the future. As obvious as that is, a follower will typically see something different.

When someone is going through the process of self-realization there is a time where the previous person (sanskaras) will be magically gone from that individual as if in fact that person was a “new one.” That is why, there is a change in name. You ARE a different person.
If a young girl feels attracted towards that “new” energy, there is no way for her to explain that. It is not some sort of “black magic.” It is the aura of that person. A caress from that “new” person is genuine, loving as IS any of his actions, for he IS. This, from the view of “normal” people guided by all sorts of conditioning is regarded with doubts and even qualified as morally “wrong.”

It may be heard that Brahma Baba enacted “Krishna like” episodes of affection with young followers. It may be assessed that this is morally “wrong; “ but that morality is coming from “normal” people with “normal” conditionings.

Osho went through something more “intense.” His view on sexuality was open as he was ready for that, although most of his followers may not. People could accuse him of having sex with several followers and adding the stigma of being morally “wrong,” but on the other hand, many of those women could have felt affection as they never felt before. That means a step forward in their evolution.

The problem for society is that many “new gurus” appeared luring women into things. They were not self-realized individuals but rather con artists. What they ARE is not what appears to BE. These people even changed their names to sound more “spiritual,” but it is all part of the con business.

Life will show later how protected these individuals were in their process. For instance, Osho had followers who were ready to kill others to obtain what they want. They even attempted murder. However, no one died. The same could be said with Brahma Baba. He had several “tests” even with his own family members. No deaths that could be accountable to him.

Nevertheless, the same could not be said with followers. Once the self-realized individual moves on from this physical plane, the magic is gone for the rest. What remains is a “normal” institution, ran by “normal” people who will DO “normal” things.
The “magic” will go on at the subtle level, where these self-realized individuals will contact some followers who may be “chosen” to be self-realized. Even though religions have hierarchies, it doesn’t mean that a “higher up” is ready to be self-realized.

A self-realized individual does not fit into the views of what is “morally right.” He is not a rebel either. He just IS. His life has a mission to fulfill which is not related with profit, name or recognition as a “normal” person is.
Every self-realized individual who existed, had a singular experience in Life. Followers believe that his life style is the “path to follow.” That is an innocent idea for every path is unique.