Becoming like “Him.”

As a Brahma Kumaris follower, what is what you would like to achieve through this path? That is the ultimate question. Note down your answer for that will show your level of consciousness.
You want to go to the Golden age? You want to be karmateet? You want to be a victorious soul?  Want to become “like him” (god)? So many wants, so many things to achieve.
You found God? What is next then?

Hope you find yourself. That is usually misunderstood.
It will require to empty yourself.
Until there is no-self.
At that point, WHO would like to achieve the Golden age? Who would like to become karmateet or a victorious soul?

Peel the onion until there is nothing to peel. Where is the onion then?
Same when you find “yourself.”
That is not taught in the BK system, but yet it is taught to become “like him.”
It is good to find “god.”  But who finds “him”?

That one will need to go to become “like Him.” It is not about copying the personality of “god.” It is about BEING when YOU are not.