Self-Observation is not for little children

In the world of Neverland, many children were suffering due to cavities in their teeth. However, not all children had cavities and not all suffered of cavities in the same extent. This is usually overlooked. It is easier to generalize with something like: “All children suffer from cavities.”

Children were incapable of coming up with “solutions” as that was the task of adults.

One well respected adult discovered after “exhaustive and methodical research”, that sugar was the main cause of cavities.
“Sugar” became a synonym with “bad”; after a few months of such enlightened discovery. “Sugar could kill you” was the next discovery.
What to do?

A religion decided to save the children. They preached that “sugar is bad for you.” Moreover, “God has said that you shall suffer here on Earth, if you indulge in sugar.”

Politicians and investors on the other hand, observed that their investments and interest in sugar prices were at stake. Sugar will no longer bring any profit to them, if this idea of “evil sugar” subsisted.

Investors decided to counter attack, and market only the data of those children who didn’t suffer from eating sugar. To appear as social conscious individuals, their marketing campaign also released in very small print that “eating lots of sugar may cause cavities.” However in contact with the public, they were ready to support the “no sugar” cause, and to show their efforts to make the public aware of “such evil.”

Those who loved sugar were represented as well. These individuals preached that “Everything that God has created is good. Just be moderated in your consumption.” The word “moderation” couldn’t be defined. It brought so many interpretations which confused the little children.

People “pro-sugar,” and “against-sugar” were rallying for support…

Humans living in the mind, can only see opposites, extremes: Duality. Their solution resides in finding a culprit. Someone or something to point their finger at; then add a label such as “evil” to that.

How could children understand about the observation of their own habits to find the causing trouble in their lives?
It may not be sugar. It may be that these children have poor hygiene (flossing, brushing their teeth, etc.) It may be that their diets require some tuning. It is so hard for children to observe themselves!
It is easier for someone else to find a culprit.

The problem is sugar. Repress yourself. But let us not use that label: Let us change “repression” for “doing the right thing.” No more cakes or sweets. Even fruits are out. Do not eat sugar anymore. It is “bad.” That is the opportunity to enhance the ego: “I am “good” because I don’t eat sugar. I will save others with my enlightened understanding.”
And so the battle of “good” vs. “bad” was invented and nourished.

The above illustrates the history of religions and political systems and their constant contradiction in the name of “god,” or some personal interest. The little children are the members of society who are incapable of self observation to find their answers. They need someone else to tell them what to DO.

A religion may have “the answer.” A politician has “the answer.”
“Reality” may be that every answer is different, according to the individual. In Life, there is no such a thing as “an answer that fits all.”