“God” in the Brahma Kumaris

The word “God” is not used sparingly in the world of religions and spirituality.

Judeo Christian tradition will give many attributes to their “God”: Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence, creator, goodness, even jealousy (Exodus: 20:5-6) among others. This “God” is a conceptual entity as described through books regarded as “holy.”

“Shiva” which is the name given to “God” by Brahma Kumaris; is also described in Shaivism and worshiped as creator and destroyer of worlds; however, in Brahma Kumaris; Shiva is neither creator nor destroyer, but Brahma is “creator” and Shankar is the “destroyer” who in Hinduism is known as “Mahesh.”

Hinduism is amazing in the display of colorful descriptions that it could give to their deities and gods. Depending on the tradition that you BELIEVE in, there will be labels to worship and practices for that (puja.)

Therefore, any religion could build their own labels to define “their” God.
However, definitions and concepts are for books and scholars, that is only “theory” and none of my concern. What concerns me is the experience of “God.”

My sister had a vivid experience with Brahma Baba as he appeared to her for the first time, in a regression she had done which was completely unrelated to this experience. It wasn’t until she met the Brahma Kumaris when she recognized Brahma Baba as she saw a picture of him. Consequently, she took the beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris where she learned that Brahma Baba was the “chariot” of God Shiva or even sometimes, it was said that there was no difference as Shiva entered Brahma Baba to speak through him, etc.

Brahma Baba did not introduce to her as “God”. Later on, he would address her as “child”. We could have many assumptions about this episode, which will be colored (conditioned) by Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy. Notice that we tend to interpret our experiences to fit some known conceptual theory.
Isn’t a “father” the same as “God”?
That is another assumption.

We can make many assumptions. That is the beginning of our self inflicted lies which we will make “effort” to protect, as we are protecting our own ego.
“I found God. I am special.”

I emphasize that “God” is an experience. It is a personal experience which cannot be extrapolated to fit a religious system which will fit all. If “God” is used merely as a concept (as it is for the majority), it will have some utility in the minds of followers but never in their hearts. That is the extent of scriptures and Murlis, all about the mind. We cannot say that we “love God” by merely reading or hearing scriptures. That is imagination. Love comes in relationship, an experience.

Observe if “God Shiva” is merely a concept to believe and worship. For those of Christian background it will be easy to dissociate from that “God”. However; for Indians in particular, it will be harder, as there is a strong conditioning already.
Somehow, “God” is necessary for the wide majority as their consciousness needs to feel protection and security in an uncertain world.

This is a much as I will go with “God”. There is more, but I feel that everyone of us will need to go into it.

Brahma Baba had a huge influence on my sister and she had love for him. He appeared to her many times during her BK time and has helped her in “BK service” in ways that could be hard to believe.
When it was time for her to go from the BK experience, Brahma Baba appeared to her for the last time in a dream. He told her that he will leave money to her so she can travel (We sold the BK center that we opened in Peru and she traveled with that money) and for her not to feel upset that is time to leave. “Child, you will come back”, he told her.

She knows that to be certain. It will be in the next kalpa, for sure.