Being “non-committal.”

Avyakt7-NG takes no sides in reference to Brahma Kumaris. Then, a reader pointed out:
“Where I think the non-committal position that you are taking is incomplete is where it relinquishes any responsibility for the common space that we all share, defining space at all levels from spiritual and mental right down to societal, or even geographic.
For example, if you have a known thief in your village, or a land owner grabbing common land for their own benefit, or a corporation poisoning its rivers, would you adopt a position of neither “against” nor in “favor” of them, and allow them to continue running amok without saying anything?
What sort of person would you be if you did?”

In reference to that well thought out argument, I will certainly explain the importance of no taking sides.
In spirituality, we know that we are living in a world where we experience duality. There is day and night. There is good and evil, etc. Often our society perceives that duality as “opposites,” when in fact, they are complementary. One side cannot live without the other. What is “good” about destruction, we may ask? Newness. The phoenix bird.
The Universe works through that principle of complements, as everything is one. Thus, if something exists, it has a right to exist. It has a purpose. That is a universal spiritual law. That is the basis for observing without being caught up. That is what has been misinterpreted many times in Brahma Kumaris by using the term “detached.”
The acknowledgment of this law, allow us to see things without a bias. However, in society we are forced to choose one side or the other, creating conflict.
In society we cannot take the law in our own hands without paying consequences. There are representatives of the law, and society provides ways for bringing up such cases which are “unlawful,” to their attention. To follow that is to be “responsible” with society.
If I know someone who is disrupting the laws that we are bound by, certainly; I will take it up to law enforcement as long as I have proof (thus, not relinquishing responsibility.) The level of commitment to pursue a case, is what varies among people. Some may feel that a particular issue is their life mission, whereas others; may have other tasks which they consider more important.
If there is a land grabbing individual; “everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.” That is a law in modern society. If I don’t have proof, then I don’t have a case.
I feel that I answered that comment.

If we take that general idea into a more specific one, then my commitment to being in the “middle” by not taking sides with respect to Brahma Kumaris, should be understood. However, there is a very important point. This action is not a mental one. It is not some intellectual understanding which I “practice.”

I was a BK. I am not one now. The transition took place and I feel that my experience there is over. In fact, I have no agenda whatsoever by writing here about my experience in the Brahma Kumaris. I had no particular desire to do it. My “guide” suggested, I should do for it will be beneficial for others, and I did. Those who have agendas; on the other hand, are taking sides and therefore, their perception is biased.

I feel that websites “pro” or “against” BK have an important “role to play,” by informing individuals of the different sides of the BK organization. It gives the opportunity to others to find out for themselves, if they so desire; the validity of the information given. We cannot take everything at face value. At the end, every person has to decide whether to join the BK or leave them.

As far as I am concerned, there is no doubt in my mind about the integrity of Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba) otherwise, he wouldn’t be a being of light now (which I have a second hand experience through the verifiable -in my judgment- experience of my sister.)
We tend to judge based on the standards of our society which are incomplete, for they are human created based on conditioning. Life and the laws of the Universe, are above that. However, I am aware that the “teachings” of Dada Lekhraj through his spiritual experience, have been modified and as the BK organization has grown, the fundamentals of a spiritual organization have been shifting into a business oriented organization with a spiritual facade. That is the price to pay when something becomes too large to properly manage. It becomes too political, too “economy” conscious, too “iron aged.” Nevertheless, I feel; there is still benefit in BK for those who want to pursue an honest spiritual life style, and stay away from the “business” world. I had benefit and learned a lot there.

Most BKs without first hand experience of the spiritual meaning of “dying alive,” eventually will go back to what regular people know (although their form and dress may be different) and cherish the for profit paradigm: More centers, more followers, more social climbing, etc. as the measurement of “success.”
That is, to transform spirituality into a profitable business; with all the “wheeling and dealing” of “Kali yug” included.