The issue of channeling Brahma Baba

It came to my attention that “BapDada” is no longer showing up in the “physical body” in Madhuban, due to Dadi Gulzar’s health .
I don’t know if this is a fact; but if it is; there could be potential changes in the way Brahma Kumaris will operate in the future.

Dadi Gulzar has been the “instrument” for this for many years already.
The voice of BapDada will change completely with another person being the channel. That will be the most obvious change. Also, I don’t know if Brahma Baba would agree to have another person for this, according to time. It requires a “unique” kind of person and the current circumstances of the BK world, may not call for that.
Definitely it will be an “issue” for the BK organization, for if the “pieces” are not moved correctly, it may foster distrust in current followers and potential followers.

To better understand the significance of the role of Dadi Gulzar, someone may need to experience or have a close understanding of what mediumship and channeling are. The explanation given through wikipedia or other second hand information, is not always complete. There is personal experience involved which is unique.
Nevertheless, the most important aspect is reliability of the message given by the messenger. How reliable is the connection? How reliable is the message given to others? Many times the words chosen by the medium (if it is not channeling) may not be the same ones “heard.” Is the medium in optimum mental and physical health?
There are many variables.

For the few who have a different “subtle” connection with Brahma Baba, not being able to “meet” BapDada “officially” in Madhuban; will not make a great difference.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the BK organization is the fact that Brahma Baba “selects” some individuals to communicate with, however; these individuals may not be part of the top administration or “seniors.” My sister was an example of that, and through that communication; I became a BK and now, I am writing these articles being read by many BKs worldwide; although I am away from the BK experience. There must be a connection, of course.

That is the way the “Drama” works. It connects the “dots” in unusual ways.
“Normal” people are good at labeling others based on what they can only see in front of their noses. Unable to see the “big picture,” thus a very incomplete way to assess or worse, to judge “reality.”
That is very human indeed.

The Brahma Kumaris organization will continue to evolve if it is to survive. New fresh followers will be needed who are waiting to taste that BK experience “according to Drama.” Nevertheless, problems may arise from the “old” ones who were instilled a somewhat different set of beliefs and practices.
From meeting BapDada personally to watching a video of a past “live” visit, will be all under the same umbrella of “Baba’s milan” so no one may think that they are missing out. The “power” of words.
That is just the way it works.