When falling in love with a BK


The Brahma Kumaris path is interesting for self observation. The opportunity to know yourself is there but also to discover our own inner dishonesty.

No more sex, no more meat, no more falling in love with people, no more sleeping in… Those are some of the codes of conduct to follow in the name of “becoming pure.”

When the separation from society is made and all of the sudden, we spend time with a particular group of individuals more than others, the likelihood to be sentimentally involved is there, if not sexually.
As those 2 items (sex and emotional involvement) have been suppressed in the BK lifestyle, then suffering will be experienced (labeled as karmic accounts) which many times is changed through a sense of martyrdom, in order to keep alive in the BK system.

Just because we use a label such as, “brother or sister;” it doesn’t mean that we could stop feeling what we feel for someone. That is part of the inner observation. Interestingly, with our own blood relatives the “brother/sister” feeling is usually there. Have we wondered why?

While sex is prohibited, to fall in love is not; as long as “Baba” is the center of that emotional feeling. Basically, it is an emotional trip to convince yourself that “I love God and none other.”
For many Brahma Kumaris followers, the idea of transposing what they know in the worldly realm as “love” into the “spiritual” level is a given. For instance: “ I love Baba.” Thus, I compose lovey dovey songs, mawkish poetry, and keep telling myself that it is only “Baba and I.” That is the typical teenager “love” scenario in action.
That is an interesting situation to observe; to know how sincere the lies to ourselves could be.

The sexual forces will be there although repressed. The longing to be with “someone” will be there as well. The way we deal with it, will change according to our urges and ability to put off and send our physical or emotional needs into the background of the unconscious. Repressed but never gone.

That sort of “purity” is very dirty, indeed. Why? I will keep lying to myself to fit an ideal. That could be an interesting lesson in Life.

The outcome for many will be neurosis. When observing the mind, we will need to be sensitive as to how the different “tests” in Life which are there due to our own belief, are in fact disturbing our own mental health.

How? There is a want, even a need which is continuously being put off, for the “next Life.” I have seen BKs trying to “erase” those “sanskaras” as if that was a matter of “choice.” The more we try to suppress them, the stronger those will be. That is the paradox to be aware of. We cannot erase what we ARE, with the idea that we are DOING so.

The younger the BK is, the more likely is that he/she will experience sexual urges as well as emotional needs. As a matter of fact, the needs will be so strong that we could be looking at individuals who in a different, “normal” situation, we will never think about engaging with. That is what we may need to observe. That is why, an “older BK” is “safer.” Sexual needs and vitality are curved for most as years go by (DOING it is unlikely, although THINKING may remain;) but emotional needs will be there; but those could be hidden under the system.

Yes, it may be true that a highly evolved individual, may not need to be emotionally or physically involved with another human being; but those are very few; counted with one hand out of thousands. That is part of their evolution which hasn’t happened through repression. That is something to keep in mind about the BK yogi life style, which is for the masses and not the few. Also, it is interesting to observe that highly evolved individuals could be in a sexual and emotional relationship as well.  BEING makes our DOING according to who we ARE.

Repression is not “bad” when observed. It may be necessary up to a point. Then, that needs to be dealt with, in a different manner. That is why, any system bringing repression into our lives is a short lived “solution.” Then, that “system” will need to be changed in order to evolve. It is that “evolution” the one which is very personal indeed. A belief could be helpful up to a point, then once its timing is up; it will only be a hindrance.
We may need to observe that.