BK food items (2)

This article will follow up on a previous one, here (https://avyakt7.wordpress.com/2016/06/09/question-on-bk-food-items/) Notice that almost 4 years have gone by.

Avyakt7-ng hasn’t been eating eggs for about a month now.
In my first article, it was mentioned that I loved the taste of eggs before becoming a BK and that was one of my repressions. After I left the BK path, I started eating eggs again. Many of them. There is a Murli point which refers to this “symptom.” It says something like “once someone leaves the BK path, that one will become worse than before… “ In this case, all the eggs I did not eat due to complying with the ideal of “purity,” were a repression waiting to catch up. Thus, in 4 years my desire to eat eggs had its own curve to follow.

So how did I “decide” to “quit”?
I did not. That wasn’t a “decision.” Typically when I go shopping, I will ask my gut feeling if the perishable item that I intend to buy is good for me. In the case of eggs, there is a selection of many cartons to pick from and some of them may not be suitable for me. Moreover, I asked if I needed to eat more eggs, and the response was a “no.” Then, I simply followed that. I don’t feel that I miss eggs. It is not an “effort” for me not to eat them. No repression. I don’t use my mind to “make decisions.” I use my gut feeling. Am I making a “decision” then? Not really. I am not choosing.

Do I keep this “pure behavior” according to BK path (not eating eggs) until I die?
No! There is no mental ideal here. If tomorrow I feel like eating eggs, I may. However, I am not looking for them or pretending that I like them or dislike them. Life is change, ideals are not. That is something to be aware of. “God” may have said (or someone may have interpreted) something 70 years ago. It doesn’t mean that it is valid today.

So eggs are gone in my diet, but also diary. No cheese or milk. I am not looking for them; although I may eat them if they are given to me in a meal. Naturally, those items are no longer needed in my diet and I don’t need to label that as “purity” or “satopradhan” diet. Diet is not about increasing my ego through “good” labels, but it is about feeling well, in balance.

Avyakt7-ng’s diet is mostly simple food items. Three of 4 days of the week I will cook for myself, very simple food, nothing fancy or elaborated. I eat lots of brown rice. Once a week I will go to a vegan restaurant to change the taste and feed myself “emotionally,” as the taste is quite good.
What do I drink? Most of the time “pure” water. Other times natural made juices (I use a blender to mix the fruits, no sugar added) or just recently, almond milk (I blend it with a banana) from the supermarket, unsweetened.

My regular amount of food has diminished as well.

Am I following a diet or a spiritual practice to eat in that way?
No. It is just natural for me.
If Avyakt7-ng were to become a “guru,” then followers would say: Avyakt7-ng eat little and simple food. That helped him to reach a “higher” spiritual stage. I must DO the same.
That is a very inaccurate interpretation. A cassock does not make a priest, but rather a priest will wear a cassock.

Thus, my diet is “purer” (less animal byproducts) now than a typical BK diet. How about that?
When eating, the most important item is the feeling of gratefulness. If the mind is full of rejections, if it “thinks” to be dirty, unworthy or to be a “sinner” due to the food items taken, then for sure that food will not be enjoyable and will send mixed signals.

What is natural cannot be a repression. If we try to follow unnatural things for us, then there will be repression. This is another item to check in our list of self- knowledge.
The BK path for sure, will give us plenty of examples of what a repression is. We will find out not by looking up the dictionary for a definition, but by living it.