Question about the existence of God.

A reader asked the question here

I request you to kindly share your experience as it may be helpful for others to understand the GOD. I am thinking that there is no GOD as such, not sure.. I am confused and unable to conclude any thing about GOD.. But my curiosity would like to explore and i feel you may help me to understand the GOD..

Is there a really GOD? Please assist us with your experience.”

Dhruv wants to know if there is really a God… He thinks there is no God but he is not sure, so he wants to know my experience…

Just a few days ago while I was in a taxi cab, the driver was wondering about my name “Ahnanda;” after knowing that it was my “spiritual name,” he asked if I believe in God. I told him: “God is an experience.” Then he said: “Even though I agree with your answer, there is a yes and a no.” I said: “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” He said:” No!” Then I said: “Why is it that everyone else does? The media, the children even grown up dress as him and will give gift to the kids…” He acknowledged that he has given Christmas gifts to his own child and he made him believe it was Santa. Then I said: “ A yes/ no answer is not enough when the purpose is change of consciousness. The answer is according to the level of consciousness of the person.” He said: “ I believe in God. What do you think?” I said to him: “That is great.”

The same I say to you Dhruv. “Spirituality” or the art of living Life with joy; is not interested in a yes/no answer. When you look at “God” from the intellectual way or through someone else’s personal experience; you still do not know anything. A “yes/no” answer is expected in the world of society and many times that is all a seeker knows as reference. Rest assured that unless a seeker moves from the mind, its logical tricks and reasons; that seeker is not ready for something new in consciousness. A “spiritual seeker” is concerned with consciousness. A yes/no answer is for those who like to speculate with reasons and proof, etc. My world cannot cross theirs, for my experience will only be considered as “subjective,” that is yet another opinion . They little know that I already have gone through the “yes/no” by living the experience and not by reading books and research from others and their “expert” opinions.

I have already written many articles about “God,” towards the direction of your question; but perhaps you would like me to be more specific. It will not happen yet. “God” is a very important part of self-knowledge. That is why, I said; it is an experience, a personal experience which WILL change as our consciousness changes.

You mentioned that you are coming back into the BK world after leaving. Thus, there are some things you still need to experience from Brahma Kumaris. You have doubts of the existence of God and Brahma Kumaris strongly believes in God. Are you looking for an answer to make you stay or quit the BKs?

Dhruv, you may have “reasons” to join the Brahma Kumaris, but you may need to start your search for God.
Your mind wants to be “right.” You want to make the “right” choice. You know that “God” is the ultimate for you have been taught that way, it is the tradition and thus, you want to make sure that you are in with “Him.” That is the search of the mind. It is a very lazy search of concepts, expert opinions, logic and definitions. You need to live it. Forget the mind.

Dhruv, search for God with the heart. Rely on your own experience. Be honest with it.
Please take that as my answer to you. Certainly, I am sharing my experience with this answer.

All the best to you.