Question on “Churnings” of BK Jagdish Chander and BK intellectual knowledge

A reader (Kirtan) asked many questions concerning intellectual/ mind matters of “churning BK knowledge” and also cited Jagdish Chander’s book on the “5000 year cycle.”
He also asked me to reply a question ASAP and to give him my email address in case he had further questions.

Let me start from the end. Avyakt7-NG does not want to be a “on-demand free resource.” He only shares here within his available time, and will respond to questions and/or comments if required, in his view.  Also, Avyakt7-NG does not give personal advise. All the “churnings” he has done while being a BK, are available in the website: between the years 2012 and 2013. All is required is to “search a keyword” on that website if someone would like to read my particular take on a topic at that time.

As a BK, I was an avid reader of scientific and BK materials, but now that doesn’t interest me.
I understand that perhaps for Kirtan is very important to confirm BK knowledge in an intellectual way, so he can share it with others or to feel firm within his faith. That is part of the BK experience.

Upon having read some books of BK Jagdish, I could say that he was in that intellectual line. He read a lot and put his interpretations and findings, in his books. However, his “knowledge” was as good as his bibliography. Very limited at the time. His research was mostly based on classical physics (Any Quantum physics there?) On the other hand, because of the Internet; we have way more information and as we can observe, it changes in little time. Science is a work in progress. A “truth,” yesterday could be a “lie” today. That is a possibility. Nevertheless nowadays, the well known “search for truth” of the scientific community, is financially supported by organizations concerned in demonstrating a particular “truth” according to their interest.  To use science to “prove” spiritual topics or a particular belief system is to interpret and dissect science to fit our beliefs. Science deals mostly with matter for that is “objective.” Spirituality on the other hand, is very subjective for it depends on a beyond or below “normal” (depending on our point of reference) level of consciousness or experience, while science resides mostly in the collective consciousness: The 5 senses. 

I couldn’t find a free version of Jagdish’s “5000 year World Cycle,” but I found one on “Brahmacharya” which I will use to make a point later in this article.
If I recall correctly, there is a word used by Jagdish while explaining how from the Golden age, we “descend” into the Iron age: “Entropy.” However, that word is used very different in Science and Business. In the world cycle there is “renewal,” (which is not the correct word to describe the well known phrase -Going “up” and “down” the ladder – which is merely a viewpoint of a dualistic mind.) That “renewal” does not follow the way “entropy” is typically understood. The dualistic mind selects the “Golden age” as “order,” and the “Iron age” as “disorder.” We are “descending,” it is said; when from another perspective it is only a different experience that a particular “soul” may have. We are not “descending” in a predestined cycle. We are only having a complementary experience, if we decide to compare the Golden age with the Iron age.

Observe the following paragraph from Jagdish’s book “Brahmacharya.” (Book: -Brahmacharya the true path of God realization- Pages 4-5 – Chapter 1- The significance of Brahmacharya in the social set up.)

“The Gita declares that sex-lust produces anger which in its turn causes confusion of the intellect. From this point of view all the violent turmoil that is there in society or revolutionary disorders of today have their origin in the lack of continence of people. It would, therefore, be good if the Government and those engaged in social service understood the importance of brahmacharya as the basic solution of all the predicaments of society and of the country at large.”

Jagdish has generalized that sex-lust in people, is the origin of the violent turmoil in society by following the perspective of the Gita (according to him.) The “basic solution” is to follow brahmacharya, he says.
That generalization has no support other than Jagdish’s and Brahma Kumaris’ beliefs. “Proof”? There are many angry BKs “practicing” continence. 
In my experience, we ARE already anger (we could discuss all day about the ’cause’ but what matters is the reality of observing that anger) and sexuality only manifests that reality.

Jagdish has mentioned in one of his books that he is not “trained” in science. He has only given his opinions although heavily conditioned by his beliefs and experiences. However; without a doubt his writings are very important for Brahma Kumaris’ followers, as those support BK knowledge.

To finish, I will share with you an article I wrote on the same line as Jagdish. I read a science book and I interpreted that based on BK knowledge that I already knew. I discovered many things in that exercise.
The write up is here.
If you would like to follow current scientific theories on cyclic models of the Universe, you may want to read the “Steinhardt-Turok” model and the “Baum-Frampton” model. As a BK I was reading some of Turok’s work as I recall. As I said before, now I have no interest at all in scientific findings supporting “spirituality” and religious beliefs or going against it.

In my experience, cyclical time exists. I don’t know if it is 5000 years or not. It doesn’t matter to me; but I can say that “this writing here, has been written before” and it will appear sometime in the future again or the past … Depending on your point of reference, and that will repeat endlessly.
I don’t have the need to prove this, to convince others. For I am merely sharing my own experience.

All the best.

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