Practical value of some BK Spiritual teachings

Many will look at the current pandemia labeled as “covid-19,” as something “bad.” It is not desirable. It destroys our routines, our life styles, even our lives. However, we do not see that this is a golden opportunity for Nature to rebuild itself. Otherwise, how could that happen? Most “Educated” humans are full of “money talk” education. Nothing is more important than the “economy.” For them, our habitat is only an extension of “economic forces.” Some of their typical talks are: Climate change: “All industrialized countries are working tirelessly… etc.” Contamination of the environment: “ We have reduced the use of plastic by 1.86 % from last year.” Distribution of wealth: “We are making efforts to reduce the gap…” etc. Nevertheless, it is the same savage use of the capitalistic system to gain wealth at the expense of others.

I feel compassion for those who are facing hard times at this time, but it seems that Life needed to stop our madness, and it seems that humans are finally seeing what we have done to this planet. But maybe, not. At least, the opportunity has been given.

I am thankful for my BK training in “survival.” I can cook simple items and be able to continue on healthy, in the lockdown period. TV has been out of my life since my BK days. I am extremely grateful for that. Now, I could fully see how TV is a great instrument to manipulate and condition. I am also grateful to have learned in my BK days, to be able to live with myself. I look around and many aren’t able to do it. Most need someone around. Without a spouse, a kid or a pet; they feel miserable.

The BK phrase: “Destruction is just ahead” have helped many to prepare and live a simple Life. Simple life is a spiritual teaching specially, at this time. Also, “meditation” (as known by the BK system) comes very handy when many are in need of mental stability.

The physical changes on Earth are obvious for most, but the energetic changes are not so obvious but still going on. Many will feel their bodies attempt to adapt in different ways: mild headaches, a bit of physical weakness, etc.

It is interesting to witness how a new social order is taking place. How society’s foundations are crumbling. How world powers are struggling. Something completely unforeseen such as “covid-19” is devastating our holy economy, and preparing the ground for the US dollar to collapse. Interesting times are “just ahead.”

The “market” for spiritual teachings may grow. As suffering sets in, many will start their own search for answers.

Perhaps more individuals will realize that humans do not have a “special” place in Life. We (all living beings) are in this together. Animals and plants have wisdom already included, it is called “instinct.” Conditioned human beings are handicapped for most only have their “reasoning,” as the ability to mask their greed.

“Reality” depends on your location; that is from where your consciousness is looking at. There are many possibilities of seeing a single event. However, spirituality has been the bridge between the Earth and the Sky. Earthly conditioned way, materialistic, if we wish to say; and the “sky”: That which we aim to be, to become for we know we have the potential inside us. Thus, there is truly no difference between “here” and “there,” except when we realize that we are being caught up by moorings, chains and anchors which are not allowing us to “fly free.” The removal of those, is what spirituality is all about. We don’t need to add more information, philosophies and lectures. We need to be conscious, AWARE of the inner world and let Life do the rest.
In this, spirituality is different from society’s conditioning for “Unlearning is the way to learn.”