Aspects not considered in BK knowledge

Every philosophy or belief is incomplete when trying to explain what exists. This is something I learned once I stepped outside of the BK experience.

Try asking a BK what is an emotion according to gyan. Is it in the mind, the intellect or the sanskara?
Ask a BK what is the aura according to gyan. What is the etheric body? Why are those important?

How is it possible for the soul to be located in the middle of the forehead, if the soul is incorporeal? Isn’t location a characteristic of material things?

What is consciousness according to gyan? Is consciousness only a human characteristic?

The Sakar Murlis mentioned a couple of times about ghosts. What are them according to gyan? In which “world” out of the 3 worlds taught in the BK philosophy, do they exist? Why are so called “ghosts” important, some may ask? They are, once you have experienced their influence; otherwise, we could come up with some “reason.” This is not a matter of belief or to exercise our analytical mind.

There is more “material” which is not covered in the BK philosophy and which is important to understand “how to improve” in Life.

For instance, emotions. To go into them and to heal those called in Bkism as “negative emotions” is very important, for we could pose as “detached observers” all we want, but our emotions will betray us. We are not there yet.

To believe that “yoga” will be the cure for all is infantile. In my experience, there is the law of Karma and that needs to be settled before there is healing in particular aspects of our lives. Yoga cannot bypass such law which pervades the Drama, in favor of only Bks. Besides, there is no example in the BK world of someone who has been able to go into a “higher state” without settling first their karmic accounts. No matter how much yoga they had.
A lingering emotion may be just part of that Karma. Although, there are many other “reasons.” Everyone has a unique journey.

Christianity offers beliefs. Some Christians will offer “salvation” through belief. That is one level in the journey. Another is to mix philosophy with practical religious/ spiritual exercises. That is the BK view. The “new age” view is the experience of few made as a belief for many. Those experiences cannot be massified, but yet to experience those “uncommon” things (such as auras, chakras, kundalini, etc.) does not mean that such person is necessarily “elevated,” it just means that she has that experience.

Once we are exposed to many things, then those things will fall in place when and IF we experience those in our Life. Then, we will know the “why.” “IF” is the key word in the sentence above.

Experience is the most important element as no intellectual person can make “sense” by just reading or researching these things, as Spirituality is a subjective experience. Different paths, different avenues will take us to the same destination; however, the mix of those “streets” is unique, catered towards a particular individual.

Therefore, how is it possible to put everything into a neat philosophy which will cover all?
Impossible. That reminds me of the “Theory of Everything” that some scientists are pursuing. In their idealistic minds there is a set, a formula that could explain every and all physical aspects of the Universe. However, once they find out that matter is a perception of the senses rather than a “reality,” they may change their mind. What is “physical” is connected with other non-physical aspects just as our physical body is connected with many other types of bodies, from the gross, we go to the subtle. Those are meshed together as a unity, however; our minds thrive to see separation.

When we understand that our reality is a perception, a point of view out of many; then we may see that our narrow viewpoint, is only looking to experience what our minds have determined to be “right,” nevertheless; what we will experience is already made, as Bks know; predestined.