“Knowledge” will not allow us to know ourselves

I have observed many BK followers in my time, trying to “change themselves,” to “transform.”
They probably observed through comparison that they needed to “become more loving and detached,” or that they had a lingering “bad” sanskara that wouldn’t go away.

That is a good initial observation. I say initial; for there is way more to it.

A BK follower will then “do yoga” or practice “remembrance” to try an erase something which comes up continually in their lives and which is labeled as weakness, sin, etc.

A few days later, or weeks; that person will believe that she has “improved” through “hard work,” “effort,” even sometimes she may see that her weakness is gone; but a year later when she thought it was gone, when she least expect it… It comes up again.

The process: I find a fault in myself. I use a “medicine” to cure it and finally I will assess that this disease is gone… or not. Just like society has taught us, so it makes perfect sense.

Observe the process carefully. Isn’t that the procedure we have been taught to follow? There is a “judge” inside us deciding what is wrong and what should be right and then we will repair or cure all of those “ailments” by going through a procedure which is offered as the “cure” by someone else.

The whole procedure only strengthens the sense of ego, control over things. The “medicine” (yoga) is there. We just need to apply it. But unlike a pill, if that doesn’t work then we need to try “harder,” for everything is “numberwise.” Isn’t that the BK explanation? More “effort.”

What I value about my BK experience is that during those years, I was able to observe those “weaknesses” in myself and also others; for the Sakar Murlis pointed those out all the time. Whether those things were actually weaknesses, is another theme; but the quality of OBSERVATION was “practiced” there for the first time. In my Christian days, I was a bona fide “sinner” in need of God’s redemption. I needed to ask for forgiveness and “practice” some sort of penance to “clean” myself. There was no much time to OBSERVE myself there but rather “practice” and DO “good actions.” However, I was able to look at others and judge them based on my moral Christian teachings. That “judgmental teaching” also slipped through my BK conditioning.

Brahma Kumaris knowledge is a blueprint which most adherents are trying to follow. It becomes the “ideal” to reach. The goal and objective. That is good to entertain the mind; but none of that will give me the chance to OBSERVE myself but rather continuously compare myself with the ideal to “shape up” how “I” should BE. That comparison creates a conflict, as I cannot BE who I AM. It is inward violence. Sort of when I compare a person with another to point out who is “better.” That is violence.

BK knowledge says: “Become soul conscious.” How can you become something which you have no experience of? It is an ideal. Something floating on the air. “Practice” out of faith hoping to be one of the selected ones to “get it.” Do it all your life even if that doesn’t work for you but if you leave it, then you will ruin your “fortune.” See the catch?  Practice, DOING does not change BEING but it could change behavior, which is not who we ARE.
We believe to know how a “soul conscious” person acts. We look at the Dadis, the seniors for living examples but rest assured that what we THINK to be “soul consciousness” is not. We are only comparing them with us. Looking for those things that we believe to be “good” and which we believe to lack. OBSERVE that process.

There is no aspect of knowledge which could help me to become “better.” All knowledge could ever do, is to “inspire” me to become something ideal; for as long as I am driven to change myself, it is none other but my ego the one who will be propelling the whole stunt. It is the same procedure we do to earn more in society. It is based on the “go-getter” conditioning, that is aggressively looking to be successful, “number one,” achiever, ambitious.. that is full of ego. Nothing wrong with achieving in “Life,” but that procedure does not work in “spirituality.” That is something that took me years to figure out, and I am giving it away “free of charge.” 🙂

However, even if we understand intellectually what is conveyed here, there is a long road before it sinks in; for the ego needs to diminish, it needs to “dilute” itself so our understanding does not become another intellectual “practice,” which is yet another stunt to become “better.”

When we OBSERVE, there is no goal. There is no objective. The driving force to “become better” is not there. We are merely observing inwards, to know ourselves: What is my content? How does it change? Why does it change? We are no looking for answers. We are looking to KNOW. There is a huge difference.
While some knowledge will tell me that I am a soul, a world benefactor, a sinner, etc. PARADOXICALLY, it is that same knowledge which is supposed to help me; the one that will not allow me to OBSERVE myself and thus, KNOW. So, “I am soul” but my greed is intact. “I am a soul” but my dishonesty grows. “Practice soul consciousness” then. Please refer to “become soul conscious” in the paragraph above. We are caught in a “go to” loop.

Any type of knowledge will only give me answers, right or wrong; but those answers are incapable of changing anything in my consciousness. Nothing at all.
“Knowledge” is necessary in technology or in some trade; but when we are dealing with inner perception; then external knowledge only stops our ability to see and look, as we will have an element to compare with which will bring inner violence, as mentioned before.

“I am not happy to find out that I do not fit the ideal of soul consciousness. I have looked and I am far away from that.” Am I ambitious? Then, I will try to “get that” through my ambition. I could label that as “pure” ambition but that is to add make up to “pure” ego. Am I discouraged? Then, I will forget about it. I may feel lower than a “sinner,” guilty. Am I rejecting the ideal of soul consciousness? Then, I will completely dismiss that ideal and reject those words and even suppress any sort of “spirituality” in my life for I could generalize that “all spirituality only brings an unreachable pie in the sky.”

All those things are preventing me from OBSERVING.