The spirituality of ambition

Our society has been built on ambition. Someone does something to become the “best” at it. Nothing wrong with that. Correct? But, that is comparison, that is violence underneath.
How could you be the “best” unless we compare with another? How can that happen unless we compete?

That trait has been rewarded in our system. Thus, individuals have already been trained and whenever they see ambition, they automatically put that into their little boxes of “good things.”
We could argue that without ambition there wouldn’t be “progress” in society, but that is not the topic now. The topic is to identify ambition in our pursuits.

The issue with ambition is that we may end up DOING something which we do not like or even despise for the sake on gaining something in return. Do we see that? Society may call that as “sacrifice” to achieve something worthwhile in Life.
However, our ambition is underneath that, one more time.

Is ambition “wrong”? No! That is the way our society functions. We consider that “normal,” “good” in the “right” quantity, etc. However, we ended up through that ambition; as mind driven individuals who have forgotten what is like to feel Life. These individuals will sell their lives to another or to an ideal with the hope of getting something in return, in the future. That is they do not live Life in the “now.”

Now, let us turn around and look at the spiritual world with such “sanskara.”
“Become number one.” “Sacrifice now to enjoy in the Golden age/Heaven.” “ Teach to others to gain subjects in the Golden age.” “Make your fortune now for the future.” “ Work for God now and get rewarded in the future.”
Aren’t those catchy phrases appealing to our “normal” conditioning of ambition?
How about those individuals who do seemingly the opposite, that is they deny themselves of sex, sleep, greater variety of food for the name of becoming “pure”?

It is the same ambition. A life of denial becomes the source of pride, in the ambition of becoming something “better.”

But how to find that “spiritual enlightenment” without displaying ambition?

By no seeking spiritual enlightenment. Ego seeks what is considered to be greater than what “I a am.” Ambition is the display of ego. We may need to understand ambition (not at the mental level but feel that ambition) for ambition has no place in spirituality.

Observe how inadvertently, we bring with us our conditioning and believe that those will work for us in our spiritual “pursuits.”
Many of the items related with “becoming” in the Sakar Murli, are meant to inspire individuals to move and do something about their situation; however, that is not the way most individuals will interpret those words, for we are already trained to get our objectives in Life and the neophyte, may believe that by “making effort;” he could “destroy” ambition, greed and ego from himself.

“Effort” is the display of ambition.

The above is specially important to observe while walking the BK path. If we at least could have the openness to observe that and see the whole situation. Otherwise, we may feel cheated as we will not be able to “destroy” or “control” our ambition, no matter how much yoga we think we had, or how many hours with put in with “effort.”

Being aware of the trait as it appears in our daily life, is a very effective way to understand ambition, and when there is factual understanding through seeing it in our own experience, then what was there; may not be there any more without effort, that is without ego trying to control, repress or suppress something which “is.” This is not a “practice” to get to a “goal.” NO! When we OBSERVE, we have no goal. We are only observing and observing is not a goal.

When a person went into the BK conditioning, that person brought with him the conditioning of society as well. Those traits were never de-conditioned but merely rejected, suppressed to accommodate the BK conditioning.

Spirituality may need to start with the obvious de-conditioning, for “KNOWING that I am a soul” or knowing that “God is my father,” is of no consequence when “I AM ambition.”
Do we see that?

That explains as to why many religions have wonderful “knowledge” on brotherhood, but “I am greed” wins every time.