The artifice behind BK “numberwise.”

It is the belief in Brahma Kumaris that a follower could earn “Paradise,” according to his present spiritual “effort.” While it is believed that less than 1 million followers will be in the Golden Age, there is also a difference between those “making it” there. That is known as “status.” There is a hierarchy of king, queen, subjects, etc. Enticing labels ready to be “achieved,” depending on “effort” of the Brahma Kumaris follower at “this time.”

Apparently this set up “makes sense.” After all, a King there obtained that position through his “spiritual” endeavors in his past life as a BK.
Ok. Fair enough.

To “make effort” will be of special importance as in the “future,” “I” would like to make sure that “I” obtain the best position for “me.” After all, that is what society teaches us and Brahma Kumaris uses that conditioning into the spiritual realm, as well.

Observe that ego appearing, which is known as a “vice” in Brahma Kumaris. (Many spiritual seekers are unable to observe that ego, for they haven’t “exercised” their awareness yet.) Ego is all in the mind. It is that ego the one that would like to achieve something, obtain it, possess it and clearly enhance itself even if that is in the “future,” which is another mind ideal.

Basically, that which “I” need to “conquer” according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge; that ego is directing the whole “effort making” scheme. Once we clearly observe that, we can understand the futility of being greedy towards a “better future for ME in the future Golden Age.”

How that could be? Isn’t that pursue of something “better” sane and rational?
Yes. It is. But observe that the whole stunt is directed by the ego alone. Most “sane and rational” individuals will not realize this when coming from the conditioning of society, for we cannot observe the distinction. We are conditioned. To get “somewhere” in our society, we need to motivate the ego to achieve; but as mentioned before, that does not work in the spiritual realm where it is touted all the time that our ego needs to be conquered, diluted, etc. Do we see the dilemma?

Therefore, the word “numberwise” objectively motivate followers to “achieve” something by following certain codes, practices, etc. which provides the ground for a “healthy” competition within… Correct?   

Not quite.

A conditioned human needs to compete with others. That is what we could observe at the “center near you.” To “improve” means to obtain a position within the organization, within the center, or something which distinguishes that person from someone else (a gold ring perhaps.) Thus, “numberwise” is a decoy, but it is meant to motivate the follower to DO something about his life, to get some control over it and to get direction into something “worthwhile.” That is to satisfy the search for meaning.

Is this artifice “bad”? No! At the starting level of consciousness of the seeker it could be “good” for it accomplishes one of the main experiences of being a BK, that is to increase ego. The issue is that many followers will not realize about the opportunity they had to see that enhancement of ego in their own skin, and to know their ego face to face rather than just reading about it, or believing that it is “pure” ego or “pure” greed or whatever pretty labels they may believe, to crave for “Paradise.” Ego is only ego no matter what pretty labels we use.

However, as mentioned before; ego is not “bad.” It is a consequence of “growth.” Growth? Yes, the self grows to a point where all there is for the individual is “I, me and myself” and the rest are satellites meant to enhance “me” or help “me” “achieve.”

Do we see why is it important to de-condition ourselves from society? However, we should also observe that by doing so, we will not fit in as we will perceive “reality” in a different light than the “normal” others. That is why it is interesting when someone says: “He is a very successful business man, who is very spiritual as well.” That is like mixing water and oil, unless they meant by “spiritual” to be only a worshiper believer of stories and performer of “sacred” practices.

While in society, the motivator resides in a “healthy” ego (which always wants more, for it is the overused mind in action) in spirituality, the core is “to be” ego-less.

That is why, OBSERVATION is very important as there is no goal other than to observe. We could say that “to observe is the goal,” but if we say that, we haven’t understood that we can live without goals, just as we can observe without goals.

Observation brings “understanding” (which is not a mental/conceptual one) but “seeing clearly” which brings immediate change, without a goal in mind, without further words and mental explanations. That is without an “aim and objective,” which is ego driven.