Some thoughts in reference to the “new world order.”

Times are changing. Although most are looking at the Pandemic from a physical perspective, there is an energetic change as well.
The Earth will continue to show its wonders through natural disasters, as proud humans continue to try to subdue its might, and exploit its resources as this provides “good old profit,” which is the “aim and objective” of every conditioned human being.

There is no possibility for someone who is trapped in that economic mindset to explore the vast self. That person can only go so far; that is becoming a good worshiper, who “practices” good deeds while following a strict complaisance with the current system, which is sometimes labeled as “Savage Capitalism.” That person, although “successful” in society, does not have the openness, depth and courage to clash with his perceived and comfortable “truth” of “profit for me.”

Nevertheless, this “new world order” may bring changes in that rooted perception. It is a wonder on how the experience of little suffering could bring some change away from following our comfortable “status quo.” This means that more people will be interested in spirituality or religions, which in turn is an opportunity for profit seekers to engage their “businesses” into these activities, for this target market will grow.

Notwithstanding, Life always finds a way to turn the path of those with an honest heart into a meaningful journey, no matter what the outside form of those paths may look like; for spiritual progress is a matter of consciousness, awareness and that cannot be purchased or “practiced.” Consciousness is the byproduct of assimilating the experiences in Life.

Many humans are turning easily into cases of mental health as consequence of embitterment and lack of satisfaction of living in our current situation, and as we may know the “new economic order” is on its way.

As I recall some of the BK practices for precaution such as “Y2K,” and other “key” occasions such as 2012 (Anxiously touted back then as the end of the world,)  it would be wise to foresee shortages of food items in the near future, for many countries rely on importing some food items which may have been damaged or spoiled due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Therefore, to purchase while it is available, means to be ahead of the “new” game.

I could describe many cases where lives have turned outside down. Those who work and have children to support, may experience harsh times.
Then, I can understand the BK philosophy regarding having children and being caught up in family ties, to apply specially at this time. Uncertainty is high and whoever needs free time to explore spirituality, may experience that to take care of “mundane” activities is a higher priority. It is important to realize that time is going fast, although paradoxically; it is the same old clock from 100 years ago ticking one second at the time. There is not much time to spare.

While Bill Gates has given a warning about population growth, Elon Musk has said that there will be a population collapse. Some believe that population will increase by 2040 and then decline.

That reminds me about Baba’s knowledge which supports Bill Gates’ viewpoint, unless population collapse means “destruction is just ahead,” which at that point will also support Musk’s; however, Musk has other ideas about this “collapse” supported by statistics of birth/death ratios of populations and other “numbers” that many use as “proof” which may have a good theory background; but Life has shown us that it is not ushered by human numbers. Nevertheless, all of these things are only good themes of conversation, while drinking and enjoying a masala chai.

These are interesting times, where “the right answer” is no longer one side of the equation but both sides. That is, go North or South we will reach the same place.

The popular “North is the right answer,” does not work anymore and so; the notorious “I have the truth” is outdated.
However, we ought to remember one more time that what we feel after we have taken away our mental conditioning, is our personal compass to follow our destiny in this “Drama” of Life. Many will follow paragraphs or words uttered by someone, but forgetting their own feelings. That honesty of going with your “pure” feelings is the one that could take a seeker into another realm, away from the comforts of the “same old thing.” That challenge is also an opportunity.

Will resume writing on August 26th. Until then! 🙂