The ideal of improvement as a BK follower.

As a BK follower, have you considered if the cycle of time supports the ideal of “improvement”?

Let us not take this question lightly, as the word “improvement” has popular positive connotation.

In easy to understand language, we could demonize ego, lust, attachment, etc. Those “vices” are something which “i” have to work on, something which “i” need to “conquer,” to “get rid of” to improve.

Now, let us observe the cycle of time once again. A what point in such cycle did “I” do something to improve myself? Wasn’t the route a “downhill” from the beginning? Bks believe that “now” is the time to “improve” for “destruction is just ahead,” and “I only have this lifetime as a BK to elevate myself because God is helping me.” The law of karma and the effects of multiple births could be “settled” in this BK birth, all “i” need is to “make effort,” and so the belief goes. Thus, “I” separates from the downhill “Drama” and creates a path for its own “salvation” based on self interpretations.

Look at the cycle again. Forget for a moment the “i” and the “me.” Do we see that it is a “predestined play” which will repeat again and that it is repeating now, as we read? Do we see that anyway we go, it is in fact; how it should be?

Why is it that “I” am trying to control things and change things according to ideals and beliefs?

Because it is about “me.” “I” need to “improve” by DOING certain actions everyday, for repetition will “erase” previous sanskaras, correct? And “i” know exactly how to “erase” a particular one.

That need to control, to conquer, to get rid of things inside “me” are ego based ideals of improvement. As long as we have ideals to follow, there will be ego enhancement in that. Why? Ego feeds itself through the ideal of becoming something “better,” which is not at the moment, but promised in the future, after some time. Thus, how do we “improve” without getting our egos involved?

Do we see that the problem is not how to “improve myself” but rather to become truly aware of that which we call “i”?

Do we see that actions coming from that “i” are self-centered, egotistical actions? But how is it that “improving myself” could become egotistical?

Observe the need to control. To act within a recipe, to create a vacuum so “I” am “safe.” That creates an artificial separation of that “i” and the rest of the Drama, the cycle of time; when in fact, “I” am part of it.

Do we see that conflict? Can we go spiritually anywhere while we have unresolved inner conflicts?

All virtues are together with what we call vices. In fact, the cycle of time only displays those at certain times. At one time, here are the virtues; at another, the vices. All are needed as they are.

Am I suggesting to leave things as they are and not DO anything?

Not quite. I am suggesting to become AWARE of how ego appears in the movie of the Drama. What makes it tick. I am suggesting to study our own ego, the reality of it and to observe how many religions or spiritual paths have been built to cater the existence of the ego. The conflict is that while many religions proclaim that ego is “bad” and we need to be egoless and conquer ego; on the other hand, there is a continuous promotion of it.

Do we want a higher status in the Golden age? That is ego. Do we want recognition, name and fame now? That is ego. Do we want to become an angel? That is ego. Do we want to be someone who we are not now? That is ego.

Do we see how trapped we could be? Is what we want to “improve” our ego? We need to observe it, to become conscious of it, aware. That observation and apparent inaction is true action, for clarity comes when we see clearly without wearing the glasses of a belief system.