The transition to “Brahma,” “is not like going to your auntie’s home.”

If the game of Life is represented by the passage of the first pure into the first impure, that is from Krishna into Vikram, (according to Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy) there is another passage with relevance for the one experiencing it and those close to that one as well. What is that ?

The passage from Lekhraj Kripalani into Brahma. That transition is the fulfillment of self-realization which I like to call “Life realization.” Within one life time, some individuals will be able to experience within themselves the “yes and the no,” the “yin and yang,” the “pure and the impure.” The importance is obvious, for that will be the first conscious role where the person knows the journey, the passage through his own experience.

Whereas from “pure to impure” is a matter of gradual unconsciousness, from “impure to pure” is the journey of awakening . There have been many self-realized individuals in history, some well-known and others little known; however, every single one of them had a “mission” for the common good. Every journey is unique. No copy cats allowed.

In our world filled with spiritual gurus, there is a great difference between a teacher and a master. Typically, the teacher merely passes information. He becomes a source of conditioning in one system or another. A master on the other hand, is about PRESENCE. He IS, therefore his presence is all that it is needed. He doesn’t teach but expresses in BEING what he IS. That in turn, changes others.

There are many stories about Brahma Baba given by those who lived close to him. It could be almost a magical experience for some. Those around him were touched. What some people felt at the time and the benefit that Brahma Baba’s PRESENCE gave them, cannot be understood by those away from that experience. Therefore, it is no longer what he says and the “wisdom of words,” what matters is his PRESENCE. What he IS can change others.

In this world there may be many people with sharp speaking abilities and great intelligence but they ARE NOT what they talk about. They lack the experience. Their knowledge is just information, something to entertain the mind. However, the words of those with the experience are able to pierce someone’s mind and heart. That is included in the magical gift of arriving into self-realization.

It is no longer “him” finding the “true path” through following some philosophy. What has happened is the miracle of Life itself uplifting the ones who are ready. Others may identify that help as God, Beings of light, extraterrestrial beings, angels, etc; for the arrival to light means that Life itself has protected that individual to be able to cross the path from his own darkness into the Universal light.

It is no longer “his” light, but light itself as he is one with Life.

The journey of Lekhraj into Brahma, is without a doubt the rewarding scene of going around the cycle of time. Yes, Krishna was “pure” and was born “pure.” Nothing special about it. On the other hand those experiencing “hell and heaven” within one life time in the journey of awakening, could perhaps share that “it is not like going to your auntie’s home.”