Question on “Shrimat”: Does it change? How is that related with “numberwise”?

Thank you for your question.

I would like to invite you to read this article first. ( This reply will be given from 2 different perspectives, for there was a time when avyakt7 was a BK.

From the perspective of a BK (avyakt7,) Shrimat or the “elevated directions;” are norms which every BK needs to follow. Those norms are divided into 2 kinds according to my experience: 1) The “Maryadas” or the code of conduct. Anyone who calls himself a BK needs to follow that code. Therefore, here is where “numberwise” applies. For example, a BK is supposed to eat food only prepared by her or other Bks, that is part of the code. If you decided to eat in a restaurant, then you are not following the Maryadas and therefore, there is a “number” for you. You are no longer “number 1, like the Father;” but you may be at some other number in the “ranking” for not fully following that maryada.

The above presents some issues. For instance, some Bks may not choose to eat what another BK cooks for his “stage” may not be proper in their judgment, or the food wasn’t prepared according to the “system,” for example by not offering “bhog” or a sample of the food to ShivBaba (god) in a “bhog” ceremony or meditation, etc. There are no lines separating what should be done, but it is considered “pukka” or “firm” if following the procedures of the BK center near you, then you become “number 1.” That should be applied to every maryada or code of conduct.

2) Shrimat given particularly to you: Here a center in charge or someone up in the hierarchy may give you a particular advise to follow. As a BK follower you should follow it, until someone in the hierarchy says otherwise. Then the issue arises as to whether you follow the latest advise or the former. That sort of “shrimat”can change according to personal situations and the “higher ups” can give those types of shrimat.

If you are a BK, it is advisable that you “practice” the maryadas for they will give the foundation to further spiritual development. The practice of those codes will de-condition you from mainstream society. That is the main benefit when looking at it from outside of the BK world.

Why is de-conditioning important? Because it will allow you to be aware of another perspective. Be AWARE of all the inner changes and inner conflicts throughout that phase. Many “spiritual people” know that they need to de-condition to be able to be aware of another reality, however; practically they feel too comfortable trapped in their “matrix” and just knowing things intellectually.

From my outside perspective now (avyakt7-ng,) “Shrimat” is meant to be like training wheels when you learn to ride a bicycle. As your “stage” moves on, many things will change naturally and perhaps your life will have some of the elements of the BK maryadas. Once you learn to “ride the bike,” there is no need for training wheels. Perhaps, at that “stage” some of the BK “practices” are no longer a “practice” for you but part of your being, that is NATURAL to you.

Avyakt7-ng would like to emphasize this phrase: “if you learn to ride the bike,” for many believe that they have done that and may not use the BK training wheels; never learning to ride the bike but believing that they have done so by using many other supports instead.