Transmigration and the BK belief in the existence of animals in the Golden Age

It is my understanding now, that Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy had a part of what we could label as “truth” in Life, but not all of it. In fact, no religion or philosophy could ever have it for they only explain a small part of the whole. In Brahma Kumaris, there is the belief of reincarnation of souls into the same species, that is human souls can only reincarnate in human bodies; whereas transmigration allows for a soul to change species according to its particular plan of experiences.

From that perspective, I remember the BK story about a follower who asked BapDada about how animals appeared in the Golden Age. BapDada’s answer was something like: “Don’t worry about the furniture there.” Without a doubt, it is a pertinent answer when a follower lives in the mind and only cares about “right” answers and not much about personal transformation.

Despite the fact that my question has no significance in self transformation, here it is for your entertainment. This question could be asked to the sister in charge at the BK center near you: “What does an animal DO to deserve the Golden age?” That could be enough to stir the pot. According to BK philosophy only certain animal species will be in the Golden Age and within that species, not every member could be in the Golden Age. What makes the difference? The expected “right” answer is something like : “Baba hasn’t disclosed that.” Thus, here another question: Is the soul world only a “place” for human souls divided in a tree of religions? Since animals are souls as well, “where” are they? Are they divided into species? 🙂

The Universe is continuously evolving. Consciousness is all there is to be able to perceive and feel alive. Every species including animals, plants and even minerals have some sort of consciousness.

Observe your pet (if you have one, as it is considered “pukka” not to have one in the BK world. Personally I am not fond of having pets of any kind, but my family here in Peru has a dog. )

In that observation, I couldn’t help but notice that my family’s dog “only needs to learn to talk” to be just like another human. I wonder if perhaps in that evolution of consciousness, in its “next life” that dog could be a human (Transmigration)? After all, that dog has lived 98% with humans and only 2% with other dogs of its kind. Wouldn’t that have a karmic consequence? That is just an observation that I wanted to share. That conversation could easily change into how is it possible for cows to be non violent animals but yet have to endure great suffering in most of the world through places for slaughter? What sort of karma is behind that?

One of the things that I learned is that there are no absolutes in Life. Observe the symbol of the “Yin and Yang.” I couldn’t say something like: “All animals experience transmigration,” or “ All Bks will be angels,” for I know that cannot be. Every soul path is different and it does not have to fit a belief system created by someone. In that the Universe, Life itself is always unpredictable.

What if there is intelligent Life is another planet? How could philosophies of many distinct religions could fit that “reality”? As a follower would you leave because your belief no longer fits a new “reality”? Or perhaps you have discovered something more important, an inner change that you value and you know that it couldn’t have been possible, without the aid of your belief system.

Something to reflect about.