Soul transmigration or reincarnation?

A few articles ago, it was shared about the existence of animals in the Golden Age, according to BK belief. A couple of questions were given to muse about. Basically, what kind of karma an animal has to have to go to the Golden age? The easiest answer could be: It is all predestined. Some animals’ souls are predestined to go there.

No problem with that answer, but yet how about humans? A what point “effort” comes into the picture? We could say, “That effort was predestined as well.” Fine, but… the issue is with the belief that there is an “I” making “effort” when it is predestined for that to happen. It is not “I” making effort. It is effort being made through that perceived “I.”

Perhaps at this point we could understand that “atman and brahman” are the same, just as Hinduism proclaims. However, while we have the bug of individuality deeply installed, we will not be able to go any further. At this point, religions and beliefs pampering that “I” and stating that “I” am something, or can DO something to go somewhere higher in heaven will be in vogue. Then, that “I” will try to control and plan his destiny according to his own conditioning to “achieve” his dream. The “I” could go to heaven then (in his mind,) but what about his faithful and loving pet? That was the question asked here to different religions. See their take on that.

Religions pretend to know the “right answer.” They can give us a “feel good” answer if needed.

Observe how that “I” has operated in the world to conquer it. Observe how convenient was to deny any possibility for conscious progress to an animal. Most humans expect that animals could speak to them in their own language, for most humans are utterly insensible to understand theirs. I am not talking about barks or meows, but to sense their emotions and feelings. Just like in the world of humans it is almost expected for someone to know basic English to communicate, some humans are waiting for that skill to appear in animals.

“Look we have invented the electric bulb, animals cannot do that. We are intelligent, they aren’t.” What is the need for a dog or a cat to have electric light? None. Their senses are way more developed than the ones of humans. It appears to me that humans have their minds as weapons to conquer and subdue others. No need to go deeper into this. Just look at the world.

Darwin believed in evolution of species, but he did not know about evolution of consciousness. Consciousness evolves and a body is given accordingly. That soul, that “atman” transitions through different species. As a matter of fact, part of the transition towards self realization is to go beyond those animal instincts which many religions have pretended to control. That transition is not done through repression, but through integration.

Human beings could be the more evolved species in the physical realm, but they are not the ultimate. Their “little brothers” (souls) are wearing the custom of an animal, a plant or even a pebble. There are many levels of consciousness and each one will give an experience to that being in their particular path of evolution.

What is the karma of a slaughtered cow? What wrong that cow has done to suffer like that so a human can profit from that death? Obviously, there will be consequences in a world of cause and effect. Thankfully, there is no need for human laws or human justice in this.

When humans are missing empathy in their lives, it is difficult for them to understand about the suffering of others. There are in the world many animal hunters dressing as humans. Their main reference in life is how to procure more for themselves and their senses. Perhaps these individuals may ask if their pets will go to heaven with them. At least, they may have a spark of care for others as long as they feel that pet, to be their property. It is all about ME, after all.

Different consciousness, different beliefs, different traditions. To go beyond the differences means to integrate all of them. We have been looking for the right belief, the right system, the right answer… That is only valuable for the conditioned mind. Consciousness requires integration of all that in the heart; because if something exists, it is because it has the right to BE.